1. A

    Fractal FM3 - Slipknot tones

    In this video I am demoing 5 different Orange Rockerverb Fractal FM3 sounds that are supposed to sound like Slipknot's Jim Root. Even though the goal of the video was to sound like Slipknot, my personal taste certainly did affect their design. Constructive feedback or even just your opinion...
  2. this-is-a-cool-username

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog/Tube (Survey)

    I hope it is okay to share this. I just need some general information of you, how you like modelers like the kemper and IRs and so on. I made this little survey. No strings attached i just need this for my thesis ... the results in a few weeks could be...
  3. User-42

    STL Tones Brian Hood Demo

    Hello there I recently picked up a few of the STL Tones AxeFx bundles and through I might make a quick video showing off my favourite one so far, the Brian Hood pack. All guitar tones are the first preset modelling a 5150. This pack is cool because it contains both unprocessed and processed...
  4. ProgressiveRocco

    AXE FX III - Marshall plexi tone

    Hey guys! I dialed in this quick patch on my new AxeIII yesterday, going for that classic dimed plexi sound! You can download the patch for free by clicking the link in the description box below the video ;)
  5. this-is-a-cool-username

    Over 1400 Free Kemper Profiles! ( many D.I. Profiles, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Profiles, ...)

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys I tried to recreate the sound of the following amps: For Guitar: AMPS Victory Kraken (Direct & Studio) Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe (Direct Profiles) Soldano SLO 100 (Direct & Studio) Sunn Beta Lead (Direct ) Fender Bassman (Direct ) Fender...
  6. this-is-a-cool-username

    MY KEMPER PROFILES - all Amps of the Axe Fx2, Helix, Vetta 2 and many real Amps (over 800) FREE!!

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys And i update them from time to time, so yeah...keep you eyes open On the newer Profiles i try to make variations of the amp with settings at noon or very broadbandsound so that you have a good base for further tweaking and i make many di Profiles now...
  7. User-42

    SUB Ray 4 Bass by Sterling Test

    I bought my first bass on a recommendation from a friend and couldn't be happier so i thought i might make a quick mix. Bass signal chain = Ray 4 > Axe Fx 2 > Logic Pro X. Then a little compression in logic. Used my LTD Mh1001 for guitars. Getgood Matt Halpern Pack for drums Track is Breeze by...
  8. SteveFireland

    Fireland - playthrough video

    Hi guys, Did a playthrough of one of the tracks from our 2007 album, showing the left and right guitar parts. The album was all self-recorded and released way back then, but this is a remixed version I did at the start of this year. I actually used Ozone to alter the sound of the original...