bass guitar recording

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    *** Wanting to buy IK's OLD Amplitube version 2 VST ***

    Any old Amplitube 2 owners wanting to sell their VST license? It HAS to be the full standard/ classic version 2.
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    Shreddage Bass 2 vs Trilian

    Looking for a good (and relatively inexpensive) bass VSTi and I see that Impact Soundworks is having a 50% off sale. Shreddage Bass 2 is currently $79 and I'm wondering how it stacks up when compared to the legendary Trilian. Would like to hear some opinions for those who have tried both! Thanks.
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    Agree or not? Ignore YouTubers when it come to producing...

    Ignore youtubers when it comes to recording metal BASS guitar? (Note I love most of thier guitar moving tips, although I am sick of v30's and SM57's haha) Practically all youtuber metal BASS guitar producers/tutorials like Fluff, Ola, Glenn Fricker etc etc all use a certain technique explained...