blackened death metal

  1. -nemo-

    [Orchestral Blackened Death Metal] Need review on a vocal mix & master

    Hello everyone! I mixed a band that released their first album on July 2020, it's instrumental because the former singers left the band on the way. We recorded some guest vocals FOR one song that we may release soon. I need reviews before doing it§ The only things i can modify at this point is...
  2. YvesA

    Kalseroth "Sepulcher For The Forgotten" (blackened death metal)

    Hi all, I just released my solo blackened death metal bands Kalseroth "Sepulcher For The Forgotten" album. Feel free to check it out on bandcamp: Check me out on facebook: I also have a lyrics style video on youtube for the...
  3. S

    KUL - Hundred Names Of Darkness [Black / Death Metal]

    KUL - Hundred Names Of Darkness (December 2019) KUL is a new five piece Death / Black Metal group from Oulu, Finland featuring members from bands such as Cryptid(FI), Napoleon Skullfukk and Electric Deathbeat. Two song debut release 'Hundred Names Of Darkness' out now on YouTube and...
  4. metaltrenches

    Abyss Above, Grayscale Season, & Shadow Of Intent (Video)

  5. PolishedMix

    WarTroll - folk death metal with tales of a drunk trolls and an asshole goblin

    Here's a California band, WarTroll ( My favorite track is "Meadhall Mishap" which tells a story of an alcoholic troll through multiple characters.
  6. X

    Relinquished - Addictivities (part I) - Extreme Metal for fans of Opeth, Katatonia and more)

    Dear Metalheads! Dear Ultimate Metal Team, Austrian Extreme Metalheads "Relinquished" released their new album "Addictivities (part I)" on March the 22nd. The blackened / Death / Prog Opus is a concept album, that tells a story within Chapters We would like to invite you to check out the...
  7. D

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Hello and greetings. Nice to e-meet you all. I am Zid, a vocalist from a band called Purbawara. We play symphonic / blackened death metal. Just released our first album "Aphorism" on 2018. Latest Music Video Do let me know whats your feedback on our 1st album Thanks.
  8. Nachthafen

    Nachthafen (Blackened/Melodic Death Metal)

    Hello, we are Nachthafen, a two-man blackened/melodic death metal project from Finland. We have been making songs for a year now and we just released our first album:
  9. MorkastMetal

    Morkast to release first full length album "Deadlands"

    Morkast is based out of Toledo, OH and features ex members of Forever Lost and Buried but Breathing. Their first, full-length album "Deadlands" will be available via digital download in early 2019 and limited runs of vinyl presses will follow. Check out their first two singles below "Marrow...
  10. B

    Abhordium - Obsidian Chamber, new music video!

    The Finnish blackened death metal band Abhordium just released a new music video of the song Obsidian Chamber, which can be found on the new album titled Omega Prayer. Check it out and support the band if you find it interesting!
  11. Lord mistery

    Hyban Draco-Storms of Desolation (Satanic Blackened Death)

    Storm of Desolation , new album from the band Hyban Draco , if you like Dissection , Watain , listen it bandcamp! Tohu, Bohu, Chasek...
  12. T


    Hey, guys. This is the first song I've ever written and fully recorded. it's a little choppy, but it shows my style and influences. Let me know what you think.
  13. TSH

    The Shiva Hypothesis –Blackened Death Metal from the Netherlands

    Full length album coming out later this year. In the mean time you can check out some of our songs: For more info check our facebook page:
  14. U

    "The Throne of Armageddon" by Soulburner

    Have you heard of this colombian band?
  15. Imprint haunting

    New Single Release, Ides of Winter - "Shiver"

    Ides of Winter release their single titled "Shiver" from their upcoming "Minus Twenty*" set to release on February 20th. Link is posted below.
  16. D

    Out Today: New Angelcide Album on Elegy Records!

    Angelcide returns with one of the most savage doses of USBM! The one man band comprised of former Abazagorath vocalist/guitarist Maelstrom, Angelcide was conceived in 2003 and was New Jersey's first depressive black metal band. After a half dozen demos culminated with a full length in 2009...