1. R

    RIPPED TO SHREDS Bay Area Death Metal TAPE/CD - CDs will ship out around 5/3 Cover 1080 by rauk posted Apr 24, 2018 at 7:55 AM RIPPED TO SHREDS is a one-man ANCIENT EVIL death metal band from the Bay Area. Influenced by old school death metal and grindcore, Ripped to Shreds brings to unholy...
  2. PillarOfSkulls

    Funerary Descent - Winds Of Dissonance

    We are Funerary Descent, A Black/Doom Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. We have recently released our second demo, entitled "Winds Of Dissonance" on a limited number of 60 cassette tapes. We are also on Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube and Blogspot
  3. KingsGene

    Why the cassette tape Is still not dead

    An interesting read.... Why the Cassette Tape Is Still Not Dead "...On a mid-January morning in Springfield, Mo., a tractor-trailer backs up to the National Audio Company's loading dock and unloads more than 600,000 empty compact cassette shells from factories in China and Saudi Arabia. The...
  4. CiG

    The "which demo are you worshipping" Thread

    I figured there's got to be more idiots than just me that loves demo recordings in here. Often the raw, charming fuzz of a demo tape can even slaughter the studio recordings that follow and then there's the great bands that never made it beyond the demo phase, so share some of your favourites...