The "which demo are you worshipping" Thread


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May 22, 2015
I figured there's got to be more idiots than just me that loves demo recordings in here.

Often the raw, charming fuzz of a demo tape can even slaughter the studio recordings that follow and then there's the great bands that never made it beyond the demo phase, so share some of your favourites with me (because really this is for my pleasure in the end) and I'll share mine with you!


Surely this is one of the greatest demo recordings of all time? F.O.A.D. if you disagree.

(Edit: I checked and there are two other demo threads, both 3 years or more inactive and they didn't get very far when they were active, so if this one also dies quickly feel free to delete it, but I'd like very much for it to become a weathered topic and stay around.)
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Haven't really listened to anything new lately but I consider this album vastly superior to their other music.

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This page is a fucking wet dream.

This was my favourite demo from last year. Deserves more recognition.

Some classics:

I won't comment on the classics because they're classics (except I haven't heard that Grand Belial's Key demo yet) but that Nachash demo was fucking killer! Very old school, right up my alley. Actually I think I saw you post it elsewhere and meant to check it out but didn't.
Lesson learned.

More classics.

Treblinka's Crawling In Vomits is one of my all time favourite demos!

Still obsessed with this nearly 3 years later.

Fuck, this was pure mastery. I didn't know they even had a demo for some reason, I thought they went straight for a 7 inch EP. It's now my life's mission to find that demo.

Haven't really listened to anything new lately but I consider this album vastly superior to their other music.


Great fucking shit!

i'll try to contribute regularly to this list. there's so much goodness.

i know it says EP but i think this is the demo version:

(and the other one)

Fucking nice! Keep contributing if this is your general taste in demos! Solomon Kane and Jonah Quizz especially rule in that bunch for me and fuck how could anybody forget that Tormentor masterpiece!

Some more demos that have been kicking my arse lately.

Oh and also, I'd love it if people occasionally posted pics of their demo tape/CD-r collections in here.
I will be.

Edit: Also if you're posting more than one link, please put them inside a blank quote dropbox otherwise the sheer loading brutality of this thread will repel people.
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The stuff that is on that Eternal Champion 7in are the exact same songs that are on the demo bro...

Oh shit you're right, I've only listened to that 7 inch once quite a while ago now, because my fucking record player broke (cheap piece of shit). Given the choice I'd trade the 7 inch for the tape version if I could.

Some from my demo tape collection.







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Too many fucking embedded YouTube videos itt. Is there no way to just post a direct link anymore? Some stuff I enjoy:

Absolute Zero - Piracy, 0²: as far as I'm aware there is no 80s metal as bizarrely disjointed, weird, and fucked up as these guys, super over-the-top stuff

Ruthless Horde - S/T: one of my favorite discoveries over the last few years, thrash where every song is a direct hit, some Holy Terror vibes in how they incorporate trad melody, also bits of Savatage swagger and overall it's just everything I love in 80s metal

Rhed Asphalt - Are They A Threat?: sorta 70s-styled retro metal from 1990, slightly progressive and a little amateur but together there's something fresh about it

Tribe - 1987 Demo: basically a Liege Lord side-project, a bit more epic and weighty in a Griffin kind of way though

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Yeah that's kind of my fault, I made the topic and then went to bed and when I woke up there were tons of embeddeds. I meant to ask everybody to hide them in quote dropbox posts. Fuck.

Anyway, holy shit, this Ruthless Horde fucking kills! Vocalist reminds me a lot of Tom Araya!
Some really great demos here actually, totally different styles but each one blew me away.

The riffing and drumming on Absolute Zero are so out there and the vocalist is trying every style available to him on one song, fucking love it.

But of all the links you posted, Red Asphalt impressed me the most with Tribe a close second, this is the kind of thing I love to get out of my Metal. Fucking stunning, nice one man.
I'm assuming it's nigh im-fucking-possible to find anything physical by this band?

This is a great and somewhat underrated demo tape.


Some Death/Grind demos that are worth genuine worship.

Filthy fucking Sludge Metal.

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