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  1. Seeker Pearl

    Seeker Pearl

    JOIN US - because spells can't cast themselves
  2. K

    Hello there

    I am one half of Waterlife, a prog metal/ambient band from Chicago IL. Check our current song out called "Reflection" and hope you enjoy. EP will come out November 23rd on all streaming outlets. We feature heavy riffing, with ambient sound elements on this song with both clean and harsh vocals.
  3. Riotous Indignation

    New Thrash Metal Video Just Premiered on Metal Underground

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some recent news with you guys. We just premiered a video on Tuesday Jan 31st on Metal Underground for our song "The End" from our debut EP that we released last year. Please check it out Thanks Mike
  4. modernwizardry


    Our new album is now available for free streaming on bandcamp. CD's are available for order through our facebook page. Vinyl (Black and Gold) will be available in about a week. They also can be ordered from our German label, Underground Power. You can buy it digitally on bandcamp, Itunes...
  5. modernwizardry

    Moros Nyx Revolution Street Release Info/Cover Art/Tracklist + New Song Streaming

    Chicago power metal band MOROS NYX will release their debut album REVOLUTION STREET this Spring. The album will be released by German label Underground Power on CD and Vinyl (300 Black/100 Gold). You can now stream the song "What Happens This Night" for free on their Bandcamp page. You can...