classic rock

  1. ChemicalWarfare84

    What non-metal classic rock bands do you think did "metal" songs?

    So, as we know, there are a bunch of songs that - while not necessarily metal - could be considered metal, so I'm curious: what classic rock bands not normally known for doing metal do you think did "metal" songs? For me, one example that comes to mind is Foghat, with their 1974 rendition of...
  2. ChemicalWarfare84

    What 70s/80s classic rock bands would you consider metal?

    OK, so today, I got Van Halen's debut album in the mail, and it got me thinking: there are various rock bands from the 70s and 80s that people have differing opinions about whether or not they're metal: AC/DC, Van Halen, and so on. Hell, I asked for some classic metal recommendations on a...
  3. VoltronLions

    Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Phil Collins Top Vote for RnR HOF CLEVELAND, Ohio – Since the start of the year, Blink-182 has led the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s in-museum “Voice Your Choice” fan vote. But a new contender has emerged. Motley...
  4. B

    The Secret To Metal Screams Revealed

  5. F

    Searching For Classic Rock Vocalist For Black Sabbath Like Song

    Hello there people. I am searching for a classic rock vocalist, male or female, to sing this attached song. The vocal melody is the notes being played in the e-piano. Lyrics are already written so, the job is pretty much done. My intention is to record this one, for fun and maybe more. We could...