1. N

    Win $50 - Artist name contest

    Hi everyone, I am a composer and I am making an EP right now, I plan to release it before September. I always had a lot of ideas for music, track names, designs, etc… But I have never been able to come up with a great band/artist name that stands out and that was not already taken by someone...
  2. Bader Nana

    One man Band "Bader Nana"

    Hello everyone! My name is Bader and i am a musician and a song writer, i record and perform all the instruments on my albums, and i also do games sound tracks in Rock/Metal version. check it out on youtube: and listen/Download my music on Bandcamp...
  3. A

    Hello to everyone!

    Hey, what's up? I don't know how I got to this site, I think I was reading some reviews from Stratovarius... But well, I think I need to introduce myself, so there I go :P I am 18 right now, and I started listening some hard rock influenced by my bro at the age of...10? Well I don't know, but...