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    Superior Drummer 3 presets and more..

    Various professional mixed presets and templates for your DAW or VST instruments. Check it out on this link.
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    CUBASE PREMIXED TEMPLATE - American Metalcore

    Sound sample: DAW: Steinberg Cubase 7.5 and higher (including "Artist"). For versions "Elements" and below can not fully guarantee 100% functionality. VST Instruments: Naughty Seal Audio PERFECT DRUMS VST Plugins: See pictures of the product for more info...
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    ALL Cubase premixed templates for $2!!

    Hi there! I've got news for you, that you are sure to please! Now you can get ALL Cubase premixed templates for the symbolic sum of $2. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, $2! Check it out and share with friends! Develop Device on Patreon: All this you can get for $2...
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    Periphery - Ragnarok│Mixing tips│Cubase 8.5

    Replication classic Periphery sound :) What do you think?
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    CUBASE PREMIXED TEMPLATE - Progressive / Metalcore style

    Cubase premixed template / Progressive Metalcore style Buy now: I have prepared for you another series of "Cubase premixed templates". This time in the style of progressive metalcore! I hope that you will enjoy it again. :) Enjoy and happy mixing! DAW: Steinberg...
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    Superior Drummer 2 / "Djent style" premixed Cubase template / SD2 preset

    Superior Drummer 2 / "Djent style" premixed Cubase template / SD2 preset DRUMS IN FULL MIX: GET NOW: Do you like the Periphery and stylish similar bands? Yes? So this premixed Cubase template is just for you! Do not break your head adjustment and mixing .. just...