drum editing

  1. LeadGuitar666

    Drum Editing Services

    Drum editing services include time-aligning drums to the tempo and for an extra fee, sample replacement/augmentation and mixing. Time-aligning is $80 a pop. Drum sample replacement/augmentation and mixing is $50. Attached are samples of my work. Please feel free to contact me through...
  2. BlastBeastiality

    Cheap Drum Editing

    I am here to offer drum editing for $20 a song up to 6 min. Any genre from death metal to pop. E-mail me to get something started together: tmr148@my.utsa.edu Cheers
  3. BlastBeastiality

    Cheap Drum Editing

    What's up everyone- I am here to offer drum editing for any genre from death metal to pop for only $20 a song up to 6 minutes. Send me an e-mail to work something out: tmr148@my.utsa.edu Cheers
  4. BlastBeastiality

    Cheap Drum Editing

    Anyone looking for some cheap drum editing? $20 bucks a song for anything under 6 minutes. E-mail me for details! tmr148@my.utsa.edu I specialize in death metal/ extreme music, but can do anything you need. Cheers.
  5. Stigmatized Productions

    STIGMATIZED DRUMMER a new hi-end Drumming Library

    Hallo to the community. I recently releashed my Drumming Library STIGMATIZED DRUMMER. It’s a KONTAKT based instrument oriented to METAL. Here are some videos of covers created using STIGMATIZED DRUMMER. Check them and leave your feedback. For more informations check my social network ...
  6. rapucore

    EMPLOY AUDIO | Professional editing + more

    Chow! EMPLOY AUDIO is offering professional editing, mixing, producing and more. You can read further info on the website which is: www.employaudio.com I imagine most of you are looking for editing rather than mixing etc. so I will apply a special UM-forum discount on editing. I have very fast...