1. J

    Playing Live without a Drummer (Thrash Metal)

    Hey all, I know this was a discussion years ago, but I want to get your opinions now. My guitarist and I have been looking for a drummer for two years now with absolutely no luck. All the drummers we have spoken to are either already in 5 other bands (and thus unavailable) or don't do metal...
  2. Eliad Katri

    Eli From Vengar Band

    Hello everybody, My name is Eli and I am The drummer of an israeli metal band called Vnegar. I am 28 years old and love the metal community. Last week my band mates from Vengar and I released our first music video!!! I would appreciate it a lot if you click on the link and share with me your...
  3. S


    Hey guys Im a drummer of 23 years Started to invest more time on Instagram and Youtube let me know what you guys think, heres a practice run of our first new single Fractal infection
  4. Turdwallet

    Tech death guitarist looking for other musicians for collab project

    I'm a guitarist from Delaware and I live and breathe death metal/tech death. I recently started looking again for other musicians to collab with and I'm trying to get back into starting a new project. This is my life passion and if you think you may be interested in doing an online project with...
  5. Deaton LeMay Project (D.L.P.)

    Deaton LeMay Project (D.L.P.)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxl3ck4p17k -(or)- https://deatonlemayproject.com/store
  6. Lostbrethren

    Drum warm-up

    Just wondering what peoples favorite exercises were? My personal favorite to warm-up my feet is to play singles on both hands and feet at the same time.
  7. MaxoMarto

    Arise - Sepultura (Full Cover) By Maxo Marto

    Hi, my name is Maxo Marto from Argentina and I want to show you my new video! This time about a song which crushed heads over the years! I hope you like it! If you think this is good stuff, I would appreciate the subscribe of my channel, shares, likes, comments and anything you can tell me...
  8. Imightbeakook

    I Might Be A Kook

    Hi guys, new here. Thought I would take a second and share that I have a podcast we generally discuss life and it’s silly ness. Recently we interviewed SUPERJOINT drummer Blue. Here’s a link , click on “ep 36 Sweating Clean with Blue”. Thanks https://www.imightbeakook.com/
  9. James Frost

    Sunsinger Looking for members!

    Hey everyone! My band Sunsinger is looking for a drummer, second guitarist and possibly a keyboardist! We range from progressive, djent, power metal, viking, groove and experimental. Some inspirations we have are Periphery, Amon Amarth, Veil of Maya, BABYMETAL, Tool, Gorjira and more! Check...
  10. BlastBeastiality

    Death/ Black/ Doom/ Grind Session Drummer Offering Services

    What's up guys? I am shane, the drummer from Flesh Consumed, Vaginal Bear Trap, Oppressive Force, In Oblivion, Images of Violence, Wilting Away, and Grieved. I run Smoke Break Studios, and am here to offer you drum tracks for you death meta, black metal, doom, grind, whatever-the-fuck band...
  11. jmichael

    I need a drummer and lead guitarist (NoVa)!

    What's up y'all! I'm Joe from Northern Virginia, and my band is in need of drummer and a lead guitarist. Our drummer is moving, which saddens me, but the band must go on! We are three nerdy idiots looking to become five nerdy idiots, and we don't take ourselves seriously. However, we are very...
  12. D

    Daydreamer - Progressive music from Alabama

    Hey everyone :) My name is Ryan and I play drums in the band Daydreamer. We are a new band based out of Alabama. If you're looking for something new and a bit different then look no further! Here are some links to our Facebook, Bandcamp, and a drum playthrough by me! Also, we are currently...
  13. EmiRizzi

    KOMPOZ collaborations

    Anyone else have a Kompoz account? I'm looking for people to collaborate with on rock and metal tracks! I can play and program drums, and can play bass and guitar. I'm dedicated and very eager!! Hit me up, guys! Check out the attached MP3 for one of the stupidly many song ideas and tracks I...
  14. D

    @dreathedrummer Molotov Solution!!!!

  15. D

    @dreathedrummer Drum Playthrough!!!

  16. (AB) Metal Drummer

    Drummer Allen Benatar New (Marty Friedman) Music Video Release!

    Hey guys! I'd like to share my new Music Video / Drum Play-through release with you. Thanks for the love on YouTube! ;) Comments & Likes much appreciated. I'm also currently available & seeking a new SOLID, PRO band to hit the road with. Available for Permenant/Temp position, Tour, Studio...