dual recto

  1. shredder10

    Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage Multitrack (Vox/reAmp/DIs/Midi)

    Oh man it feels forever since the last time I posted on this forum. Good memories and so much knowledge can be still found on this little curious internet spot. Anyway, here we are. Quarantined and still working on our tones lol! You know I stopped working with music at some point and slowly got...
  2. Misunderstood

    MESA Boogie Dual Rectifier 50/100W+4x12Cab - Like New

    I sell my Mesa Boogie dual rectifier Head for 1500$ ( like new! ) used just in my home. Incredible quality and sound. Footswitch and cable includes. I sell Head and Mesa boogie 4x12 cab (V-30 sound speakers) for 2000$. I prefer PayPal Payment. Contact me for details about shipping...