Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage Multitrack (Vox/reAmp/DIs/Midi)


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May 19, 2010
Oh man it feels forever since the last time I posted on this forum. Good memories and so much knowledge can be still found on this little curious internet spot. Anyway, here we are. Quarantined and still working on our tones lol! You know I stopped working with music at some point and slowly got into film sound, which is how I earn a living these days.

So if any of you guys out there feel like mixing a bit of Gojira just go download the multitrack me and a couple friends created :3

Here's the download link for your files (44 in total): https://bit.ly/3dxDRUI

And here goes the mix I pulled together, skip to 2:59 to spare yourself my awkwardly dumb english :rofl:

Guitars are just my old recto in spongy mode into orange 2x12, captured using Studio fredman tech (summed on a small mixer) straight into reaper. Ggd for drums and avalon u5+distressor for bass DI. Vocals are just a sm58 into the guy's interface lol still worked!!

Hope you guys enjoy,

I updated my login info and will stay in tune,
Happy social distancing :^)

EDIT: Updated the link!
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Sounds awesome! But I think vocals need some more reverb in order to sound closer to the original track :)
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Just a quick preview so far (only the beginning of the song, before the vocals kick in).
Thanks for sharing and great work!

P.S. I'll change the title on Soundcloud and give you appropriate credits once I'm done with the final mix.
Really brilliant tracks and great to work with. So gave this one a try.

Credited the author in the description