1. metaltrenches

    ENSLAVED - Utgard (Video Review)

  2. metaltrenches

    Enslaved and Meshuggah collide with RANNOCH

    It's Meshuggah meets Enslaved on this incredible progressive death metal track from Rannoch.
  3. S

    Speth - The Raven's Prophecy (Black/Death metal)

    Im a Metalhead from Slovenia and i make music. Everything is made by me, that includes guitars, bass guitar, vocals,lyrics, drums(ezDrummer).Each song that i released so far has its own style (one is death metal more of a gojira style, the other is more black metal). This one however is a...
  4. splendidgodlessness

    Black Metal in vein of Ulver, Darkthrone, Emperor

    Making heavy metal music has always been a huge passion of mine. When I got more into extreme music I decided I'd start a black metal project. After 2 years of writing music, and several name changes, I decided upon the name Ghostmourn, and that playing a darker form of Folk/Black metal would be...