New Metal Member
Oct 27, 2016
Making heavy metal music has always been a huge passion of mine. When I got more into extreme music I decided I'd start a black metal project. After 2 years of writing music, and several name changes, I decided upon the name Ghostmourn, and that playing a darker form of Folk/Black metal would be a good, fun place to start. I play all instruments, and perform all vocals. I've released 2 demos, an EP and one full length, with another on the way in 2017. So far, my most successful release has been my second demo, Mourning Forest, which close to 75 people have actually bought, and hundreds have downloaded it via my Bandcamp. As the title suggests, my sound is very reminiscent of early Ulver, Darkthrone & Emperor. There are also some Enslaved inspired riffs in there, and my newest album draws a lot of influence from Opeth.

Anyways, here is the link to my most recent work, titled Solitude. It is my first full length album, and I hope to hear whatever feedback you may have! Positive, negative, just let me know what you think!