folk metal

  1. Cronopio

    ENSIFERUM: Winter Storm

    Finnish metal titans Ensiferum are set to release their 9th album, Winter Storm, on October 18th, 2024, through Metal Blade Records. The album was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. A video for the first single, "Winter Storm Vigilantes", can be viewed below...
  2. -Drakan-

    Looking for In Extremo song name

    Hello metal brothers! By accident I came across In Extremo band while watching a video of a German TV show. I made a recording as I was curious about the name of the song. I found that it is In Extremo since on my recording there is second song which I found is "Frei zu sein" but I can't find...
  3. Y

    Describe each metal subgenre using only metaphors or analogies

    It can be a noun, adjective, story, or whatever they feel like to you. Make sure each description has a similar characteristic so that it's easier to compare. I will solely use colors to describe them: Heavy: yellow Thrash: orange Death: red Power: blue Black: black Prog: cyan Doom: gray...
  4. Y

    Most beautiful metal songs?

    Not like gritty or brutal works, but music that provides a sense of imagery/pleasure in your ears. This is mostly a vague thread that can include any subgenre, any aesthetic, etc. I've just recently gotten into Avantasia, and while I'll admit that their music can be a hit-or-miss at times, this...
  5. metaltrenches

    Korpiklaani - Jylhä (Video Review)

  6. Prestissimoband

    I just self-produced an EP of primitive, dark, acoustic music. FFO: Enslaved/Opeth/Wardruna

    Prestissimo - Heart of an Inferno. Primitive/acoustic instrumentation with epic and ambient vibes. Listen/download on my bandcamp page: To highlight some tracks: Cerebral Ignition: a slow burning guitar and bass jam with some vocal touches. Fire Chant - A melodic soundtrack to your...
  7. A

    Afforested New Album (Prog Folk Metal)

    The new album by Prog Folk Metal band AFFORESTED is now released. 'Before The Beech Mast Begins To Fall' features 12 songs that mix the sounds of classic heavy metal, British folk rock and progressive rock. Check it out below.
  8. metaltrenches

    Ensiferum Tier List + Thalassic Review

  9. metaltrenches

    Petri of ENSIFERUM (Podcast)

  10. metaltrenches

    Folk Metal Starter Pack

    Inspired by the recent release from Blodiga Skald and upcoming new album from Ensiferum, I share 5 of the Folk Metal albums that jumpstarted my love of the genre: Svartsot, Nokturnal Mortum, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium, and Ensiferum.
  11. metaltrenches

    Blodiga Skald, In The Company Of Serpents, Death Whore, Black Curse, and Order Of Orias (Video)

  12. metaltrenches

    Fun Italian Folk from Blodiga Skald (Reaction Video)

  13. A

    Afforested - Folk Metal E.P Free Download

    Afforested have just released a new folk metal E.P which is available for free download at
  14. metaltrenches

    Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination (Video Review)

  15. PolishedMix

    WarTroll - folk death metal with tales of a drunk trolls and an asshole goblin

    Here's a California band, WarTroll ( My favorite track is "Meadhall Mishap" which tells a story of an alcoholic troll through multiple characters.
  16. aheadofmetal

    Nox Aeternum - The Reflection - New Album 2018

  17. Orpheus_effect

    Symphonic Metal from Orpheus Effect

    Latest music project, with more to come! Check out our first single! Be sure to keep an eye out for two more songs at the end of November!
  18. H


    Ephemerald is Finnish symphonic death metal group. Their music can be described as straightforward, fast-paced, epic and melodic metal music accompanied by huge orchestrations. Today they released 2nd single called "Till the Sea Swallows Us Whole"! LYRIC VIDEO ➤ STREAM / BUY ➤...
  19. Drunken Fury

    Drunken Fury - I : Warriors of Flavor (EP) [Folk/Melodeath]

    What's up UM! Drunken Fury here - we are a Canadian band and we play Melodeath/Folk/Ramen metal. Our first and quite new release, "I : Warriors of Flavor", is available on Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud to name a few, and can be downloaded for FREE - figure we'll earn money...
  20. B

    Oriental metal band, need feedback

    My friend has started one-man oriental prog. metal band, I think it should get more attention. What's your opinion?