1. KingsGene

    EMPEROR 30th Anniversary LiveStream May 23rd

    EMPEROR To Celebrate 30th Anniversary With 'A Night Of Emperial Wrath 2021' Livestream Event "...Veteran Norwegian black metallers EMPEROR have announced a livestream event, "A Night Of Emperial Wrath 2021", to be held on May 23. The band states: "2021 marks 30 years since the formation of...
  2. KingsGene

    IHSAHN: Pharos

    EMPEROR Frontman IHSAHN To Release Pharos EP In September; "Spectre At The Feast" Music Video Streaming "...Emperor frontman, Ihsahn, has announced the release of his new EP, Pharos, available on September 11 via Candlelight Records. The first single, "Spectre At The Feast", is out now. You can...
  3. guitarjon

    The OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection volume 2 is out now!

    Available now on the OwnHammer website is the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume II ! (taken from the official OwnHammer HHC2 newsletter) The greatly anticipated sequel to last year's viral IR library, the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume I, like its predecessor contains four monumental...
  4. OmensOfPlague

    Omens Of Plague - The Merciless Beyond

    Hi guys, we are a melodic death metal band (if you could say so) from Argentina. You can listen to our new album in bandcamp: https://omens-of-plague.bandcamp.com/releases I hope you like it!
  5. S

    NOXside's Sweet Dreamon's Remix...Melting

    Swallowed black hole luminescence
  6. splendidgodlessness

    Black Metal in vein of Ulver, Darkthrone, Emperor

    Making heavy metal music has always been a huge passion of mine. When I got more into extreme music I decided I'd start a black metal project. After 2 years of writing music, and several name changes, I decided upon the name Ghostmourn, and that playing a darker form of Folk/Black metal would be...