doom metal

  1. Loneravn


    we present to your attention a unique and perhaps the most grandiose collection in the history of heavy music! all forms and alloys of doom, stoner, sludge, heavy psychedelic in one collection! about 500 great bands from almost all over the world! I'm sure you'll find something new and original...
  2. M

    MRAKOMOR (CZ) Melancholic Black Metal

    New EP from czech black metal project is out!!! Slow melancholic black metal with strong emotional mood! https%3A//[/youtube]']Available on YouTube with lyric videos Spotify Promoted by Raw Black Metal Channel For...
  3. Y

    Describe each metal subgenre using only metaphors or analogies

    It can be a noun, adjective, story, or whatever they feel like to you. Make sure each description has a similar characteristic so that it's easier to compare. I will solely use colors to describe them: Heavy: yellow Thrash: orange Death: red Power: blue Black: black Prog: cyan Doom: gray...
  4. Bullion

    Just joined- from Brighton , England

    Greetings from Brighton , England. This seems to be a great resource. Appreciate many different types of music, including a great deal of Metal. Currently exploring Doom Metal . Always keen to hear or see bands that are lesser known, or even just starting out. Use bandcamp a lot to find new music.
  5. D-ville

    New videoclip by Lurid Heaven

    Lurid Heaven release a video for the Track "Nihil" from the EP "Cvmvlvs Nimbvs" and you need to watch this... The clip has a "jar of flies" vibe and some easter-eggs with references to works by authors such as Bram Stoker, John Milton, Helena Blavatsky among curiosities that can be seen on...
  6. E

    Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came - Debut album by progressive doom/sludge metal band

    Varoshan is a fresh metal band with Finnish and British members. The music combines many styles ranging from progressive post-metal to sludge-influenced hardcore metal. Fans of Neurosis, My Dying Bride, Converge and Iommi will find familiar features in the music. The album will be released...
  7. S

    Arcane Sun - Arcane Sun - CD/LP

    Out now
  8. Y

    Creepiest metal songs?

    I'm not talking about brutal or gritty works, but stuff that make you shiver. Perhaps one of the creepiest songs I've heard is this: And what is considered to be the first metal song probably hasn't been topped for half a century: So what are your thoughts? What are some creepy metal...
  9. Sophii

    Terasophe - When It All Comes Crashing Down

    An unfinished release and an archival of the last Terasophe album. I don't think I would finish this or re-release this as Sophii either. So this album marks the official end of the Terasophe name. This was going to be a concept album about a kingdom falling to tyrannical kings but with a more...
  10. Sophii

    Sophii - Psilocybin Dreams Redux

    A remake of a song from my previous release under the moniker Terasophe, which is now called Sophii. Hail Audie Pitre.
  11. Sophii

    Terasophe - Slow Burn

    New Terasophe single tune. Something a bit different and more streamlined than my experimental fuckery that was Terra Vitae/Terra Mori. Along the lines of Alternative Metal with Doom/Sludge Metal and Psychedelic Rock phrasings.
  12. CJrose

    Doom/sludge metal

    My band Incande has released an EP recently and I'm trying to get some more listeners, it's been called doom/sludge so that's what we're going with! And any feedback would be appreciated!
  13. dorkmaster34245

    As I Die at My Desk - New Album Out Today

    Fourth LP just released by Dayton, Ohio one man Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal act. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  14. E


    Astral Sleep reveal first single, "Vril", from the upcoming album "Astral Doom Musick" ”Vril” is the opening track of Astral Sleep’s new album Astral Doom Musick. It is a massive heavy metal infused piece of ancient doom metal that takes you for a ride into dark depths of mythology... Full...
  15. metaltrenches

    Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores, Seputus) Audio Interview

    Also available on the Metal Trenches iTunes or Castbox
  16. Aetheric Existence

    Aetheric Existence (Symphonic Black Metal)

    Members by Aetheric Existence posted Apr 30, 2019 at 4:59 PM Aetheric Existence is a Symphonic Black Metal project from New Hampshire USA. We have just released our debut album back in March 2019 and are working on cover songs and new material! If you enjoy black metal, death metal, doom metal...
  17. C

    ENCOFFINATE - Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon - Out Now

    Vancouver, British Columbia has a new offensive in the form of ENCOFFINATE, a death and doom (or doom and death) quartet that painstakingly elaborates their nightmarish and infernal visions into dark and devastating dirges. Unlike most of their peers in this subgenre, Encoffinate's dense aura...
  18. A

    Wishdoomdark Blood of the black god 2019 Doom Death Metal

    Hello metalhead! I want to present you my group Wishdoomdark. We are from Russia and play doom/death, and recorded his 4th album, and so I suggest you to read it. You only have to spend 27 minutes, and it will be a pleasure to spread your music to the masses of metalheads...
  19. River of Souls

    River of Souls (Diverse Heavy/Death/Doom Metal)

    Hi all, We are River of Souls from The Netherlands. Our debut album, titled “The Well of Urd”, has been unleashed upon the world in 2017. This concept album consists of 6 songs revolving around lyrical themes like our everlasting fate, the binding forces of order and chaos, the inevitable...
  20. dorkmaster34245

    As I Die At My Desk

    Hey everybody, just popping on to share my debut Doom Metal album "Suicide as Cleansing"! Check out the bandcamp link below and share if you like what you hear! Also, check out the facebook page and give that a like!