River of Souls (Diverse Heavy/Death/Doom Metal)

River of Souls

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Jan 1, 2019
Hi all,

We are River of Souls from The Netherlands. Our debut album, titled “The Well of Urd”, has been unleashed upon the world in 2017. This concept album consists of 6 songs revolving around lyrical themes like our everlasting fate, the binding forces of order and chaos, the inevitable journey through the Unlight and rebirth through death. The words are kept company by a diverse musical palette. By alternating brooding doomy passages with bursts of heavy riffing, a gateway is created to the world that lies beneath the Well. After receiving many very positive reviews on “The Well Of Urd”, a 3-track EP titled ‘The Nihilist’ was released on January 24th 2018. The band’s focus for 2019: working on a new full-length album and doing live-shows.

Check us out, love to hear from you!