death metal

  1. U

    Unveiled In Death - Irish Record Label

    Unveiled In Death is a new label from Waterford, Ireland. Label launch will be in November with releases expected in early 2025. Will be focused on black/thrash, black and death metal. Interested bands and distros can contact Facebook Instagram Site in the...
  2. A

    Dissection Martyrium - new song from my Death Metal project

    Hey guys, my friend and I have a little metal project called 'Gorequisitor' and we would like to share our stuff and get some outside feedback. We are not very skilled musicians and we only make recordings and never perform live, but we like to make amateur music and lyric videos for fun. We...
  3. InfinityPotato

    Zarrot (POL, DM) - Where Aeons Have Been Lost

    Hello everyone! Today my band Zarrot that I am a vocalist in, released its debut full length album after almost three years of recording. I hope that the wait was worth it, so gave it a listen and tell us what do you think of it. Enjoy!
  4. R

    Remote mixing & mastering

    Hi everyone! My name is Rafael and I am offering mixing and mastering services for Rock & Metal bands anywhere in the world, via my studio MetalworX Music Studio. Visit my website to listen to some examples of my latest work and hopefully we can work together on...
  5. Sorrowenthroned666

    sorrow enthroned (death metal)

    hello, sorrow enthroned is transitioning to death metal on the next full length this is the latest single. thanks! Constricted Upon the Throat of the Lamb - YouTube
  6. Grindor

    Umbra - Mater

    Hello people, I hope you're all doing well. My solo album was finally released on December 2nd via Tragedy Productions. If you're interested, you can listen to it here: I hope you people enjoy it!
  7. Y

    Is melodic death metal still a subgenre of death metal, or has it become its own thing?

    Now, I am aware of its death metal roots, and that bands at the time are still pretty death-ish, but honestly, I don't really think melodeath has much to do with death metal anymore, like how death metal started from thrash metal but became its own thing. While death metal has become very...
  8. Y

    Describe each metal subgenre using only metaphors or analogies

    It can be a noun, adjective, story, or whatever they feel like to you. Make sure each description has a similar characteristic so that it's easier to compare. I will solely use colors to describe them: Heavy: yellow Thrash: orange Death: red Power: blue Black: black Prog: cyan Doom: gray...
  9. ZkullZplitr

    C.S.D.M Records / Pit of Blood / Innominate Entity (CANADA)

    Pit of Blood Genre: Brutal Death Metal Label: C.S.D.M Records Country: Canada Members: 1 YouTube Channel: Spotify Link: Band Merch: TRILLER: Innominate Entity Genre: Slam Label...
  10. ZkullZplitr


    Innominate Entity Genre:Slam Label: C.S.D.M Records Country: Canada Members: 3 YouTube channel: Spotify Link: TRILLER Link:
  11. SonjaSofia

    RAUNIO - Parasite

    Hey there! We are a Finnish death/thrash metal band with female extreme vocals. Our 2nd demo “Parasite” came out a week ago. I’d be super stoked to hear your thoughts on our track! Here’s the SoundCloud link: The track is also available...
  12. FlemlokeV2

    3 album set with Nocturnus

    I bought a 3 death metal album classics set with Nocturnus being one of the bands in the pack. I can't remember the other 2...does anyone remember this?
  13. DevourerMetal

    Devourer - Raptus (Blackened Extreme Metal)

    For more information and our previous albums visit
  14. Novichoke

    Novichoke | Black/Death/Noise Band

    Hello everyone. Novichoke is a Russian black/death metal band named after chemical weapon, which has become synonymous with political assassinations. On the one hand, this name emphasizes the venomous sound of the project, on the other hand – anti-authoritarian political views. The first demo...
  15. S

    Arcane Sun - Arcane Sun - CD/LP

    Out now
  16. I

    This is sick as hell!!!! Summoned to Die - Grinded to Dust

    This is so brutal, these guys have not released anything for 3 years!!! I hope they will release a new album soon, I love this so much!!!!
  17. N

    Hyperboreus - Progressive Death Metal, Ukraine

    Hyperboreus is a Ukraine-based progressive death metal band. Debut album “Fighting with God” is released August 29, 2021. Detailed review - Available on the following platforms
  18. Erayz

    Death Defy - Portal To Immortals (Death Metal) [2021 Album]

    The debut album by a death metal band from Belarus "Death Defy" features cover songs and self-composed tracks. The album is available for free download at
  19. Purbawara

    Purbawara, death metal from Malaysia

    Purbawara, death metal band originated from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Style of music infusing arabic, egyptian and nusantara with religious themed lyrics. 20th October 2018, released their first debut album "Aphorism". In year 2020, has announced second album "Withering" that is in progress...
  20. Holm


    Legiones from Trondheim, Norway released a 7"EP in 2011 through Duplicate Records. We are now recording preproduction for our album. Sneakpeak here: And you find us on Spotify: