melodic metal

  1. AlexRiviere86

    FENRIR RISING - Belial (Single 2023)

    We just released our new single: Belial. Epic choirs, Orchestrations and Catchy Melodies I hope you enjoy! cheers to all metalheads! ImI ImI
  2. AlexRiviere86

    Fenrir Rising - Alas De Gloria

    NEW SINGLE OUT !!! From the upcoming EP ImI
  3. Anders Olsson

    Neptune released Northern Steel

    Neptune (the band I play in) released our first real full-length album last week. The album – Northern Steel is available both on CD and black or green vinyl as well as on all digital streaming services... It's written like a concept album based on a fictive story about the Nordic Vikings...
  4. AALLF

    Symphonic Metal - An Ancient Legend, Long Forgotten

    Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for your time if you choose to listen. I released my first EP, "Prologue" at the beginning of this month (05/2020). It is short (about 16 minutes), and opens with an instrumental about 7:30 long. The second track uses a Vocaloid (Megpoid GUMI) for the...
  5. AALLF

    Hello, I make music akin to Symphonic Metal

    I suppose I was a former lurker here years ago. I used to read the music production threads to help me find my way when I was just beginning to record and mix. It was a lot of help, but I never joined, for I didn't think I had much to contribute to the conversation. Now, however, I'm excited...
  6. fengarm

    Prog metal band Yriel released diverse new EP 'In Retrospect' (FFO: SOAD, Nevermore, Mastodon)

    The progressive metal band Yriel who released two singles in April has now unleashed their debut EP In Retrospect. The band’s founder Ivo Laanelind said that he has been working on the material for a few years now, but the music didn’t quite fit his former endeavors: “so it was a logical step...
  7. Stefan Wenger

    Stefan Wenger - Singularity (Progressive Metal)

    Hi everyone Hope you're all right? Finally something new from me Do you like the new song? I would be very happy about feedback. Greetings and a nice day Stefan
  8. G

    Galactic Mechanics - Esoteric Star (Melodic Death Metal)

    My band just released anoter EP, "Esoteric Star". Some of our influences include Wintersun, Direwolf, Skyfire, etc. It's available for Free download at our Bandcamp:
  9. L


    "NEON DÆMON is a melodic metal project forged during late 2018. Group's music revolves around themes of dystopia, science fiction and the unknown." We're about to release the debut single of our new melodic metal project. In the meantime I suggest you to check out the project's teaser video if...
  10. Stefan Wenger

    Stefan Wenger - Progressive Metal Guitarist

    Stefan writes his own songs and films some of them in the nature of Switzerland. The songs are offered in different ways: on his website, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. and the videos are published on YouTube and Facebook. The genre ranges between Progressive Metal, Djent and...
  11. River of Souls

    River of Souls (Diverse Heavy/Death/Doom Metal)

    Hi all, We are River of Souls from The Netherlands. Our debut album, titled “The Well of Urd”, has been unleashed upon the world in 2017. This concept album consists of 6 songs revolving around lyrical themes like our everlasting fate, the binding forces of order and chaos, the inevitable...
  12. A

    Near of the some melodic metal

    Good time to all! I do some of old work of my former group, maybe you like it..
  13. Mactatus

    Melodic/Symphonic black/death metal from Latvia!!! OCULARIS INFERNUM

    We proudly present you our 5 years' hard work- full album "Expired Utopia" is OUT NOW! Available on and on all online streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.) Enjoy! \m/
  14. Andrew Shnitka

    Musical metal band seeking for band mates / Edinburgh

    Hi guys, We are looking for band members to participate in our band called „Lost Poetry”. We are playing melodic metal with elements of other styles and influences. We call it musical metal, because it is equally influenced by metal and Broadway musicals. We also pay a huge attention to stage...
  15. Spetsnaz

    Exiled Genesis brings you Infinite Darkness! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram Soundcloud spotify:artist:3ELSFrQ3FDzboegjCm24Zh - Spotify
  16. Hodgepodge

    A debut album from Australia. Songs From the Sombre Trees.
  17. markus1987

    Varda- Abandoned

    Hi! I play guitar in the band called Varda, and here's our song "Abandoned". Melodic metal from Finland
  18. Sp1ral0ut

    Dementia / Melodic Death-Djent band from Greece.

    Hey UM ! We are Dementia , a Melodic death- Djent band from Crete, Greece. We are currently working on our upcoming full lenght album . you can check out our current work here : Facebook : Youtube ...
  19. N

    Narnia is back. 1st single & video Reaching For The Top

    Narnia is back. 1st single & video "Reaching For The Top" from the forthcoming comeback album Narnia with Christian Liljegren in the front again. Release date for the full length album on CD & LP - September 16, 2016 Enjoy and share this video to all your hardrock/metal friends! Christian...
  20. Ideology

    Ideology | "Oxygen" Released

    Hey fellow metal fans, my progressive metal band Ifeology just released the first single off of our upcoming album. Check it out! . In the vein of Periphery, BTBAM, and Protest The Hero. Hope you like it! -Charlie