Symphonic Metal - An Ancient Legend, Long Forgotten


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May 22, 2020
Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for your time if you choose to listen. I released my first EP, "Prologue" at the beginning of this month (05/2020). It is short (about 16 minutes), and opens with an instrumental about 7:30 long. The second track uses a Vocaloid (Megpoid GUMI) for the vocals. The third track is an instrumental version of the second.

I write, record, and produce everything myself, and I have several full length albums I plan on releasing in the near future. They are already written, but the guitars need recorded. My overall style is hard for me to categorize, but Symphonic Metal is a loose fit. I appreciate anyone who listens. See you around in the forums.

Full Album:

Lyric Video for Second Track:

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