doom metal

  1. Craig DIB

    Drift Into Black new single “Death From Above”

    Hello everyone!! I’m new here! I wanted to post news that my band Drift Into Black which is a Dark rock\Doom band from Sayreville NJ has just released the new single “Death From Above” on Spotify. If you’re into Candlemass, Paradise Lost, or Katatonia you’ll dig it. It’s also available on...
  2. A

    Where Lovers Rot (Symphonic Doom for fans of Draconian, The Sins of The Beloved, Saturnus)

  3. Nekronos Promotion

    UNDER THE DOOM VI - Festival - Portugal [2018.12.07and08]

    UNDER THE DOOM - SIXTH EDITION | LAV - LISBOA AO VIVO | Lisbon - Portugal DATES: 7th and 8th of December VENUE: Lisboa Ao Vivo Avenida Infante D. Henrique, Armazém 3 Lisboa - Portugal UNDER THE DOOM VI BANDS SÓLSTAFIR (ICELAND) / FB: ARCTURUS (NORWAY) /...
  4. Johnny3_14

    Somnent Melodic Death-Doom First Full-Length Album

    As the title suggests, my solo project Somnent has recently released its first full-length album on GS Productions. It would be an honor if you guys had a listen, feedback is always appreciated. Facebook: YouTube...
  5. Luan Albani


    DOWNLOAD: Devil's Lab presents the Wasteland Cabs. It's 5 guitar cabinets impulse response and 1 bass cabinets impulse response. Is mix ready and works very well on stoner rock, desert rock, sludge metal, doom metal, 70s rock, also on all kind of metal. It's design to work with LPT Alpha by...
  6. Sophii

    New and Old Death-Doom?

    The genre of Death-Doom has been one of my favorites for quite some time. However, I only know your basic bands from the genre (the Peaceville Three, Tiamat, Autopsy, Novembers Doom, and Winter to name a few.) From what I've learned, the genre died mostly in the mid 2000s and shifted gears to...
  7. Ragnarok973

    After Never (Skinless) EP, from Larvarum

    Larvarum is a "two-set-of-drums" experimental project from Perth, Australia, consolidated on 2013, with a lot of compositions, riffs and Industrial debris since 1996. After Never (Skinless) is a compilation of some tracks of the album After Never, only with background instruments (Analog drums...
  8. T

    VOID CRUISER - Wayfarer

    Void Cruiser have released their recordings of the sonic voyage "Wayfarer" Feb.27th. The entirety is a creation of fuzz wall, melancholic soundscapes & ethereal vocals. Check it out!
  9. Sophii

    New Track for a thing I'm working on.

    Hi. I don't internet very well. Or know how to record well. But I make stuff and want you guys to hear it. I use this as an audio sharing medium. Anyway , my project is called Terasophe, and I generally make whatever I feel like. Currently, I'm working on...
  10. DevilBringerGrind

    Cover art and 3 new songs on 2016 ep "It Came Back With Burned Flesh"

    Support Grindcore and Death Metal Download:
  11. M

    Old Endings, New Beginnings

    Call me Alex. For the majority of my near ninteen years of life, I had held the belief that only those of evil intent listened to metal. Being young, impressionable, and growing up surrounded by Christian family members, I was heavily convinced that staying clear of metal was not only the best...
  12. splendidgodlessness

    Black Metal in vein of Ulver, Darkthrone, Emperor

    Making heavy metal music has always been a huge passion of mine. When I got more into extreme music I decided I'd start a black metal project. After 2 years of writing music, and several name changes, I decided upon the name Ghostmourn, and that playing a darker form of Folk/Black metal would be...
  13. Phantasm (Band)

    Introducing Phantasm!

    Hello! We are here on Ultimate Metal to introduce our band. We are Phantasm from Santa Clarita, CA. We play heavy thrash metal and we would love to get more fans. We have a demo out on our soundcloud that you can check out! We also plan on going into the studio and recording a full length album...
  14. Internally Deformed

    Trad Influenced/Epic Doom Recommendations

    Doom is sadly under-represented in my collection. Looking for bands that aren't too slow, so no Funeral Doom, and no Stoner/Sludge stuff either, please. Mainly looking for old school trad influenced Doom like Trouble/Pagan Altar, or Epic Doom like Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus. Bands with good...
  15. PillarOfSkulls

    Funerary Descent - Winds Of Dissonance

    We are Funerary Descent, A Black/Doom Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. We have recently released our second demo, entitled "Winds Of Dissonance" on a limited number of 60 cassette tapes. We are also on Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube and Blogspot
  16. S

    Third Island - Dusk Ep. Atmospheric doom from Ireland

    My band Third Island recently released our debet EP "Dusk". Check it out on bandcamp below.
  17. Ancient Man

    Acid Bath Lyrics

    Hey all, Been such a massive fan of Acid Bath due to many reasons, their hard riffs and gloomy, sludgy sound, Dax Riggs near perfect vocals but most of all their lyrical content. Never heard anything quite like them. Specially songs like Scream of the Butterfly and Bleed me an Ocean. So my...
  18. ThatDrummerGuy

    Audio Interview Lars Johansson of Candlemass

    This is my interview with the legendary guitarist from Candlemass, Lars Johansson. This was taken place over Skype on THursday May 19th, 2016. In this interview we discuss the brand new Candlemass EP, Death Thy Lover, coming out June 3rd through Napalm Records. We also discuss the band doing...
  19. CiG

    Best Doom Metal releases of the 2000's

    (Random drunk photo!) Name 20 of your favourite doom metal releases from the year 2000 and onwards, because I said so and you're bored losers. EP's, demos and compilations count. Funeral doom metal, doom death, sludge metal, stoner doom metal, epic doom metal, drone metal, it all counts. No...
  20. The Nebulosity

    The Nebulosity - Album "c" (Prog Metal)

    We have just recently released our first album called "c" and it's a prog/doom/phycadelic disk. We have a facebook page also. The album clocks in at about 45 mins and it represents our passion of music! Here is a link to our album on soundcloud: