Old Endings, New Beginnings

Nov 26, 2016
Call me Alex.​

For the majority of my near ninteen years of life, I had held the belief that only those of evil intent listened to metal. Being young, impressionable, and growing up surrounded by Christian family members, I was heavily convinced that staying clear of metal was not only the best life choice, but the only choice.​

At the age of fifteen, I broke free of the "what you're told is true" mentality. With a new, open mind, I listened to Finnish heavy metal band Tarot's cover of Blue Oyster Cult's song "Veteran of the Psychic Wars". From there, Tarot's own "Crows Fly Black" and, soon, nearly Tarot's whole assortment and music from bands dating all the way back to Black Sabbath.

Seeking others to discuss metal with, I turned to Facebook's many groups that dedicate themselves to the genre; however, all I found were corrupt admins who'd remove posts that did nothing to break the rules, elitists causing arguments over how much better the hair metal era was, etc.. So, I give the metal community outside of Facebook a chance for the first time ever.

Please let my stay be an enjoyable one.​