heavy metal

  1. J

    Help me finding a song

    Hello people, I'm trying to find a song and i can't seem to find/remember it. I hope you cab help me. Here goes nothing: - i listened to the song around 2007 - 2010. It could be a little older ofcourse. - i remembered that the Youtube video had a lyrics video with blue background. - the...
  2. theshadowsofithaca

    THE SHADOWS OF ITHACA - American Woman Official video

    THE SHADOWS OF ITHACA is a brand new heavy metal band and just released the first Official music video "American Woman" from the maiden album "Hunt The Hunter" which will be released on July 7th 2023 Feel free to visit The Shadows Of Ithaca official pages on: Facebook...
  3. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall)

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" featuring from Adagio Franck Hermanny on bass and from Wastefall Domenik Papaemanouil on vocal.. Bandcamp: Hope you all enjoy it ❤
  4. ZkullZplitr

    C.S.D.M Records / Pit of Blood / Innominate Entity (CANADA)

    Pit of Blood Genre: Brutal Death Metal Label: C.S.D.M Records Country: Canada Members: 1 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/pitofblood Spotify Link: Band Merch: https://csdmrecords.bigcartel.com/ TRILLER: https://triller.co/@innominateentity Innominate Entity Genre: Slam Label...
  5. SonjaSofia

    RAUNIO - Parasite

    Hey there! We are a Finnish death/thrash metal band with female extreme vocals. Our 2nd demo “Parasite” came out a week ago. I’d be super stoked to hear your thoughts on our track! Here’s the SoundCloud link: https://m.soundcloud.com/raunio-829616557/parasite-demo The track is also available...
  6. Jimjack

    Jimjack - Lex Talionis (LP)

    hello, we're Jimjack; A metallic Hardcore from Indonesia. listen & follow us on Spotify regards |m|
  7. I

    This is sick as hell!!!! Summoned to Die - Grinded to Dust

    This is so brutal, these guys have not released anything for 3 years!!! I hope they will release a new album soon, I love this so much!!!!
  8. Y

    Most beautiful metal songs?

    Not like gritty or brutal works, but music that provides a sense of imagery/pleasure in your ears. This is mostly a vague thread that can include any subgenre, any aesthetic, etc. I've just recently gotten into Avantasia, and while I'll admit that their music can be a hit-or-miss at times, this...
  9. Y

    Creepiest metal songs?

    I'm not talking about brutal or gritty works, but stuff that make you shiver. Perhaps one of the creepiest songs I've heard is this: And what is considered to be the first metal song probably hasn't been topped for half a century: So what are your thoughts? What are some creepy metal...
  10. LRRecords

    The Conquering Machine by The Venom Assembly

    The Venom Assembly is a United States based hard rock band from the Allentown area of the State of Pennsylvania. "The Conquering Machine" is Venom Assembly's second album release. Released in 2020, "The Conquering Machine" is a transition from Venom Assembly's classic rock style to a more hard...
  11. LRRecords

    OLD DADDY MUSIC - Evolution

    My latest work as producer, released under The Bent Tree: First single taken from forthcoming EP under The Bent Tree. ODM is an emerging 3 piece metal band from Perth, WA. Consisting of long-time friends and jam buddies, James Lock on drums, Luke Dicerlee on bass and Lee Clarke on guitars...
  12. M

    New release - Black Sabbath - Paranoid Full HD Video Released !!!

    This little gem just unreleased, a classic timeless song, in full HD (sound+video) !!!
  13. N

    Urban Primate - My Terror Calling

    Hi guys, Im a bass player in Urban Primate from Copenhagen, Denmark. We splitted up 8 years ago, and i was on break with my bass playing. Now we decided that the world needs more metal after this shitty pandemic, and we made a restart of the band. With a new style of thick sound, heavy riffs...
  14. JohnnySteel82X

    Volcano X - Heavy Metal Christmas Time \m/

    Who wants to see a metal band top of the charts at Christmas??? You know what to do you sexy mofos! Volcano X - Heavy Metal Christmas Time On all digital platforms, download it now Volcano X for Christmas number 1! iTunes https://music.apple.com/.../heavy-metal.../1543331121 Spotify...
  15. JohnnySteel82X

    \m/ Seasons Greeting \m/

    Hi Everyone, I'm Johnny Steel, vocalist of Volcano X from Dundee, Scotland. We sound like Iron Maiden / Judas Priest Check us out across all digital platforms: Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/370PHXAnubM1vbru3h7dDW iTunes https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/volcano-x/1384542601...
  16. Artes_Menetil

    How i make a fan 3D video of the Belarusian metal band Aillion

    I don’t know if I’ll find my audience here, but I decided to share the process of creating a video for my favorite group, while I am burning with this idea. In any case, I need to somehow distract myself and sort my thoughts on the shelves, otherwise I've been sitting on this idea for several...
  17. T

    Mamorlis Epic Doom/Traditional Heavy

    A cassette version of the Mamorlis album is now available for pre-order in Europe. 100 copies through Cursed Ritual Records (France). A handful of CDs are still available on Bandcamp, which ship from the US. https://cursedritual.fr/en/ https://mamorlis.bandcamp.com/releases
  18. A

    "PANDEMIC DESTINY" by Vulture Locust - Live Grindcore + Extreme Metal 2020 LP Free Download

    12 Live Tracks Grindcore / Extreme Metal Vulture Locust from Portland Oregon "Pandemic Destiny (Live In Portland) MP3 ZIP http://www.mediafire.com/file/1dvlmrwida0my37/ WAV ZIP http://www.mediafire.com/file/f80k5tfr9csa2ap/ Google/Fbook search for more info + albums
  19. Nivan Sharma

    Game Of Thrones Title Theme Goes Metal

  20. Nivan Sharma

    NFL Football Theme Metal Cover. I hope you guys enjoy :)