1. I

    Need help EQing bass solo!

    The song is chill and probably doesn’t belong in a metal forum, but, I don’t know people better at getting tones right than metalheads. I need the high end definition that I’m missing when my bassist moves around the neck. how do I get that to be brought out?
  2. Nivan Sharma

    Eq Metal Guitars

    so I'm completely new and was wondering if anyone had any tips for EQing Metal Guitars and what your approach is. Thanks :)
  3. Seagurt

    Looking for feedback on this track

    This is the second mix I am attempting, and I just wanted to know what people think. Suggestions? I am using Superior drummer for the drums, guitars are a 5150iii EVH preamp out direct into my interface and running through cab impulses. Guitars are panned 90% left and right, with a send to...