1. Thunraz

    THUNRAZ - Experimental death metal from Tallinn, Estonia

    Thunraz (thunder in Proto-Germanic) seeks to align itself with the primal force in both nature and man in order to analyze, confront and finally transcend the prison cell of existence. Here is a track from the upcoming album Hinterland, due to be released on the 20th of August, 2021 by Kvlt und...
  2. Thunraz

    Thunraz - Bloodstone [Industrial infused death metal] [FFO: Hate Eternal, Godflesh]

    Hi. I've just released the first EP of my one man project: Here's what The Gate of Horror Daily Review had to say about it: "THUNRAZ is a band from Estonia that has released today an Ep called "Bloodstone" 5 Death Metal songs with a raw sound, slow parts, a distorted sound guitar, a very...