THUNRAZ - Experimental death metal from Tallinn, Estonia


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Thunraz (thunder in Proto-Germanic) seeks to align itself with the primal force in both nature and man in order to analyze, confront and finally transcend the prison cell of existence.

Here is a track from the upcoming album Hinterland, due to be released on the 20th of August, 2021 by Kvlt und Kaos productions:

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." - Carl Jung

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Review by No Clean Singing:

"Like Beastial Majesty‘s EP, the new album by Estonian Thunraz messes with your mind, but in different ways. It too occasionally deploys eerie synths to cast an unearthly sheen around unstable but head-hooking rhythms, but the vocals trade off between cold hoarse roars, strangled screams, and woozy, gothic singing, and the riffing sometimes has a narcotic and hallucinatory quality.

The songs are in constant flux. They speed up and slow down with abandon. Sometimes the riffing seems serpentine and venomous, and at others feverishly crazed in their fret-leaping and boiling convulsions. Livid bursts of unnerving dissonance with microtonal qualities lie around some of the sharp corners, and you take another turn and the music becomes stoned or apocalyptically destructive. Dirty strumming will move your messed-up head one minute, a needling guitar will drill your molars without anesthetic the next, or become a nest of mindless insects stripping flesh from corpses in a frenzy, or glitter and gleam above syncopated beats like a wizard’s perilous spell. And at chosen moments the jolting bass will beat you senseless.

The foregoing words don’t exhaust all the experiences that lie ahead of you in your trip through this asylum. It is one hell of a trip, one that will leave you feeling strung out and strung up, though the closing track applies a little balm to the wounds… until it leads you into a nightmare dream."
New single out now.

"Sifting through the rubble of a ruined world and putting the pieces on display. Why hide the lie?"

Pre-order via Bandcamp.

Album features J. Moran of Speed Ritual Records as well as a host of projects ranging from Acausal Intrusion (I, Voidhanger) to Evaporated Sores (Sentient Ruin Laboratories).

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