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  1. Jotun25

    Pantera - Cemetery Gates (full band cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have my latest cover at Jotun Studio: Pantera's Cemetery Gates, featuring such great artists as Siegfried Song at vocals, El Pequeño Carlos (Little Charles) at guitars, Emilio Kanina at drums and myself at bass and audio and video production. We didn´t tried to recreate...
  2. Jotun25

    Megadeth - Angry Again (full band cover) Mixing Feedback

    Hi, friends! After a period of inactivity I´m back with another cover: Megadeth´s Angry Again, featuring Micky Vega on guitars (endorsed ESP player, in bands like InMune or Tao), Emilio Kanina on drums (former drummer of Stingers) and myself on vocals, bass and audio/video production. All...
  3. Jotun25

    Pentakill - Lightbringer (League of Legends international full band cover)

    Hi, folks! I teamed up with Siegfried Song (vocals,Korea), Johnny Sobrino (bass, Spain), Patrick Fallang (lead guitar, Norway) and Samus Paulicelli (drums, Canada) to make this cover from League of Legends´ band, Pentakill, and their song Lightbringer. I played/recorded rhythm guitars...