german black metal

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    Skarntyde – Spurvehauk (raw Black Metal from Germany with Norwegian lyrics)

    “Spurvehauk” is the Norwegian term for “sparrow hawk”, a bird of prey that is widespread in Europe and Asia. Despite a strong hunt in the 19th century for the “protection” of songbirds and the strong use of pesticides in the 20th century, which had a negative effect on its reproductive capacity...

    Dauþuz - In finstrer Teufe

    Dauþuz: German Black Metal with mining theme. Lyrics written in old german mining terminology. Hear their new raised debut album "In finstrer Teufe" in full lenght: Official pages:
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    Cruda Sorte - Nekrolog [2016]

    The new album Nekrolog by the German Black Metal band Cruda Sorte is finally out, marking the end of a trilogy. After the harsh and raw sound of the predecessors, this album offers a better production, more versatile musicianship, and atmospheric Doom influences that create a very special...