Skarntyde – Spurvehauk (raw Black Metal from Germany with Norwegian lyrics)


New Metal Member
Dec 16, 2019
“Spurvehauk” is the Norwegian term for “sparrow hawk”, a bird of prey that is widespread in Europe and Asia. Despite a strong hunt in the 19th century for the “protection” of songbirds and the strong use of pesticides in the 20th century, which had a negative effect on its reproductive capacity, the bird is no longer considered endangered.

With the first demo, Skarntyde accompanies the hunting behaviour of the sparrow hawk in five chapters: “Sult” stands for the bird’s hunger, “Fokus” for the search for prey, “Jakten” for the hunt, “Ferskt Blod” for the prey hunted down and being eaten and “Fred” for the peace after the hunger has been satisfied.

“Spurvehauk” is musically heavily influenced by Norwegian Black Metal bands from the mid 90s. Furthermore, both the lyrics as well as the band’s name are based on the Norwegian language.

released December 13, 2019

Take a listen here: