1. D

    Skarntyde – Spurvehauk (raw Black Metal from Germany with Norwegian lyrics)

    “Spurvehauk” is the Norwegian term for “sparrow hawk”, a bird of prey that is widespread in Europe and Asia. Despite a strong hunt in the 19th century for the “protection” of songbirds and the strong use of pesticides in the 20th century, which had a negative effect on its reproductive capacity...
  2. FerdousHasan

    Marduk Discography (1992 - 2015)

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  3. N

    Who is the norwegian musician playing in a folk rock/metal band looking like Jim Carrey?

    Hey! Some years ago I was on a cruise line from Helsinki to Stockholm. In the bar there was a Norwegian guy playing guitar and singing by himself. He was absolutely brilliant! After the show, he said that he played in a rock, punk or metal band that had the same idea as Flogging Molly, but...