Who is the norwegian musician playing in a folk rock/metal band looking like Jim Carrey?

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May 22, 2016

Some years ago I was on a cruise line from Helsinki to Stockholm. In the bar there was a Norwegian guy playing guitar and singing by himself. He was absolutely brilliant!

After the show, he said that he played in a rock, punk or metal band that had the same idea as Flogging Molly, but their inspiration came from Norwegian folk or viking folk. The guy mentioned the bands name but unfortunately I didn't write it down.

Do you have any idea which band this could be and who could have been the musician I'm thinking of? Unfortunately I don't remember the guy's name at all. One thing I remember though, is that the guy looked almost identical to Jim Carrey. He said, that is wasn't the first time someone commented on their similar looks.

After many years, this hole in my memory thing is still haunting me! :p

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