1. theshadowsofithaca

    THE SHADOWS OF ITHACA - American Woman Official video

    THE SHADOWS OF ITHACA is a brand new heavy metal band and just released the first Official music video "American Woman" from the maiden album "Hunt The Hunter" which will be released on July 7th 2023 Feel free to visit The Shadows Of Ithaca official pages on: Facebook...
  2. R

    Remote mixing & mastering

    Hi everyone! My name is Rafael and I am offering mixing and mastering services for Rock & Metal bands anywhere in the world, via my studio MetalworX Music Studio. Visit my website to listen to some examples of my latest work and hopefully we can work together on...
  3. Neff Audio Productions

    Hard Rock Practice

    Hi, guys So, I made this song over 5 years ago now. At the time of recording this, I was still working in a small room with no acoustic treatment, so I ask for forgiveness if the files are not up to snuff! I figured I'd share the multi-tracks for people to practice with. There's a .rtf file...
  4. S

    Acer Negundo - Gde moy revol'ver?

  5. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall)

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" featuring from Adagio Franck Hermanny on bass and from Wastefall Domenik Papaemanouil on vocal.. Bandcamp: Hope you all enjoy it ❤
  6. FarFromYourSun

    Far From Your Sun new album + crowdfunding campaign

    Hello to all, Far From Your Sun have just released their new album The Origin of Suffering, available on all digital platforms. The Origin of Suffering, the second album of Far From Your Sun, will take you from the banks of the Nile in Ancient Egypt to the heart of the 19th century and the...
  7. H

    Can someone help identify this song/band?

    Got this song off a cd my brother made years and years ago, and was wondering if anyone knows this band? He said it's probably from 2000-2001 but he forgot who made it and the title. Shazam doesn't work and the quality isn't great. heres a link: unknown rock song (
  8. N

    Urban Primate - My Terror Calling

    Hi guys, Im a bass player in Urban Primate from Copenhagen, Denmark. We splitted up 8 years ago, and i was on break with my bass playing. Now we decided that the world needs more metal after this shitty pandemic, and we made a restart of the band. With a new style of thick sound, heavy riffs...
  9. JohnnySteel82X

    Volcano X - Heavy Metal Christmas Time \m/

    Who wants to see a metal band top of the charts at Christmas??? You know what to do you sexy mofos! Volcano X - Heavy Metal Christmas Time On all digital platforms, download it now Volcano X for Christmas number 1! iTunes Spotify...
  10. JohnnySteel82X

    \m/ Seasons Greeting \m/

    Hi Everyone, I'm Johnny Steel, vocalist of Volcano X from Dundee, Scotland. We sound like Iron Maiden / Judas Priest Check us out across all digital platforms: Spotify iTunes
  11. Artes_Menetil

    How i make a fan 3D video of the Belarusian metal band Aillion

    I don’t know if I’ll find my audience here, but I decided to share the process of creating a video for my favorite group, while I am burning with this idea. In any case, I need to somehow distract myself and sort my thoughts on the shelves, otherwise I've been sitting on this idea for several...
  12. Artes_Menetil

    The best clip of a metal band in 3D ever

    Hey guys! I'm going to make a video in 3D style for a metal band now. Have you seen cool metal band clips using 3D or motion graphics somewhere? Share the clips you hooked on. I will be grateful. Motion design is when like this: or like this: P.S. tomatoes please do not throw and dirty...
  13. G

    Greetings all metal lovers

  14. Stormcore

    Halixir - Magmatic Feelings [EP] 2020 (Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Love Metal)
  15. S

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica's video for the single "Kill your parents". The band's video was pulled from MTV after a fan killed their parents. The bands is currently serving a life sentence.
  16. Qevox

    Skillet - The Resistance | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Hello, I did cover of Skillet - The Resistance. I add some violins overall, piano intro and outro. AND A LOT OF GUITARS (2 left, 2 right). What do you think about this mix? Do you have some advice for making it better?
  17. Punkyskunky

    Thomas Brett Mixing & Mastering (Several Top 50 Singles)

    I'll professionally Mix & Master Your Track for $100 within 24 hours - Just get in touch! Currently offering a some great discounts on Mixing & Mastering services due to Quarantine - My past clients include several chart topping Pop & Rap artists with over 5M+ listens on YouTube and Spotify...
  18. Marthyria

    "We are Marthyria! And we play rock n' roll!"

    Hi friends from ultimate metal! We are Marthyria from Brazil/Chile. We play rock n' roll/heavy metal with some thrash influences too in an old school style. Just released our first record RESURRECTION (2020) available on our Youtube channel. Check it out...
  19. A

    Rate my mix on this Lamb of God instrumental / guitar cover

    Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP Eclipse Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out to Fredman Catharsis and GuitarHack's impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry expansion Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
  20. martinantonsson

    Musician and mixing/mastering engineer

    Hey! Super excited to be a part of this platform and to get to know more of you! I am a musician in Swedish metalband Stone Brigade. We released our debut album late August of this year called Madman's Paradise. It's available on your preferred streaming platform! The album was mixed and...