glam rock

  1. shoutatthedevil

    Satan's Hellraisers Of Underground Terror

    Check out the latest full lenght album by the finnish shock rock monsters S.H.O.U.T YOUTUBE: SPOTIFY: ITUNES:
  2. henryjarv

    How to edit/glue/render samples faster in Reaper?

    So, my problem is, that when I have recorded something like 500 drum samples, it takes forever to glue and render everything. I always glue all those individual samples, and then select for example all kick samples and render (selected items). BUT: Is it possible to select many samples, and...
  3. ThatDrummerGuy

    Written Interview: Ted Poley (Danger Danger, Solo)

    Hey Everybody! I got a brand new interview for you guys with the frontman of Danger Danger, Mr. Ted Poley. In this interview we focus almost entirely on his brand new solo album, Beyond The Fade, which is available TODAY through Frontiers Music srl! CHECK IT OUT...