1. Ragnarok973

    After Never (Skinless) EP, from Larvarum

    Larvarum is a "two-set-of-drums" experimental project from Perth, Australia, consolidated on 2013, with a lot of compositions, riffs and Industrial debris since 1996. After Never (Skinless) is a compilation of some tracks of the album After Never, only with background instruments (Analog drums...
  2. Sophii

    New Track for a thing I'm working on.

    Hi. I don't internet very well. Or know how to record well. But I make stuff and want you guys to hear it. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ys3s1Lqb1w I use this as an audio sharing medium. Anyway , my project is called Terasophe, and I generally make whatever I feel like. Currently, I'm working on...
  3. Sophii

    Bands Who Use Drum Machines

    I'm looking into dwelling bands who can't quite find a drummer and get the more cost effective alternative. This is more of a personal research thing to get inspiration and study the art of drum loops/machines. I know a handful of acts, such as Godflesh and Ministry, but not much more beyond...