Bands Who Use Drum Machines


lil' rat
Dec 28, 2016
Chattanooga, TN
I'm looking into dwelling bands who can't quite find a drummer and get the more cost effective alternative.

This is more of a personal research thing to get inspiration and study the art of drum loops/machines.

I know a handful of acts, such as Godflesh and Ministry, but not much more beyond that.

Also, if you have experience in utilizing drum machines, could you give me some good tips or advice?

Thanks guys!
As long as the playing can be replicated live, I really don't care that much. At least not anymore.

Oh and some awesome programmed drumming can be found on the new Neurotech record...
Meshuggah programmed drums on a few albums after Thomas Haake wrote a drum program called Drum kit From Hell.
Darken uses them on later Graveland albums, i.e., Will Stronger Than Death, I believe.
I usually don't care for them, but they sound quite good, if a little muddy, here.
I haven't listened to Graveland passed Thousands of Swords.
I should probably give it a listen.
Personally, I prefer heathen Graveland, especially Will Stronger Than Death, to Darken's earlier material.
The Celtic Winter always hits the spot, though.
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I really love all of his work but these days I listen to Immortal Pride and Following the Voice of Blood more than any other Graveland album these days, but I do really enjoy Memory and Destiny.
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