1. -nemo-

    [Orchestral Blackened Death Metal] Need review on a vocal mix & master

    Hello everyone! I mixed a band that released their first album on July 2020, it's instrumental because the former singers left the band on the way. We recorded some guest vocals FOR one song that we may release soon. I need reviews before doing it§ The only things i can modify at this point is...
  2. OldVale

    I need advices for an Amp !

    Hi everyone ! I come to you because I need some help. Long story short, my guitarist is about to leave my band and I'll have to take his place (I'm the singer, I'll do both). As I was only playing guitar to write songs at home, I just have a cheap guitar and use VST amps on my DAW. But now...
  3. Pillow Smurf

    Advice on singing creepily with a clean voice?

    I’m going to perform Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson but cannot scream or sing like he does. I have a totally different tonal quality and on top of that I have never attempted distorted vocals. Is there any way to simulate the same vibe you get from that song with clean vocals?
  4. Adegheiz

    What do you think of that mix?

    Hey can you give me your impressions of that mix? I need some external feedbacks, any suggestion or constructive comment is really well accepted. Thanks
  5. 3

    Farida Lemouchi's vocals (The Devil's Blood)

    so I'd really love to learn how to do Farida's vocal style. The problem is I have a very young sounding, soft voice but I can sing. Hers is very feminine, clean, and powerful. Based on your experience, I am wondering how I could possibly learn this. Could I learn at home? Do you guys know of any...
  6. A

    Need Advice For Getting Ahead

    Before you pass judgement upon me for my age, please read this post in it's entirety. That's all I ask. Hey there. So, I am 14. I'm 6'1 tall with facial hair. I play electric guitar, and I run a solo project called A Tear Through Reality. I record, mix, and release my music on YouTube, and I've...
  7. Sophii

    Bands Who Use Drum Machines

    I'm looking into dwelling bands who can't quite find a drummer and get the more cost effective alternative. This is more of a personal research thing to get inspiration and study the art of drum loops/machines. I know a handful of acts, such as Godflesh and Ministry, but not much more beyond...
  8. DjaseBal

    Mix Feedback On My Band's EP

    I have been writing and recording an ep for my band for the past few months. This is unreleased (besides a single we released a while back) but I wanted some advice and tips on things I could change and tweak or different effects I could add to make the mix more interesting. Tell me your...
  9. AscentToZenith

    Do I have the quality to make an album?

    I stopped posting on these forums and went on my own mixing adventure and now I think it's time to come back and learn again. I want to create an album, though I'm not sure If I am ready yet, guitar skill and mixing skill wise. Thoughts? Here are two songs, one is a serious song and one is a...