Do I have the quality to make an album?

Feb 15, 2014
I stopped posting on these forums and went on my own mixing adventure and now I think it's time to come back and learn again. I want to create an album, though I'm not sure If I am ready yet, guitar skill and mixing skill wise.

Here are two songs, one is a serious song and one is a joke song.

Scarecrow (serious song)

When you stub your toe (Joke song)

I'm looking for any feedback on the mixes, any feedback in general. I'm trying to go to the 'next level' and make something cool.
first of all if you want to make an album, make an album. joy should come before quality as a home producer. if you worry too much about quality you´ll lose your joy rather quick and sink into the valley of frustration and lose motivation. trust me, been there. so to put it in Shia´s words "JUST DO IT!!!" :yuk:
second your overall quality is quite good actually. there are no obvious issues. everything i´d have to say about the mixes are just fine tweaks. like lower the kick high end a little because it sticks out quite a bit and raise the snare´s upper range some more so it gets more clarity and cuts through a bit better. in that way the kick and snare also come closer to the same level of presense in the mix. i´d also lower that high end on the bass because it pierces through quite a bit and makes it a bit obvious that it´s midi. those are just three knobs to turn but it also wouldn´t be a deal breaker to keep it as is. nice job.
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just do it
Exactly. Once you finished a track or an album and listen to it a while later, you will have your very own set of things that you want to change or improve for your next attempt. Might be minor tweaks, might be a different song structure or the desire to make music of an entirely different genre.

You can use all of these things to create another album, or to revisit the first one and actually make these changes. Maybe you pick a few selected ideas from that first project and recycle them. But if you never do that album, you won´t get to this point at all.

And of course you can look back at it in ten years, laugh and say oh what a horrible musician I was ten years ago" :loco:
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