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A Tear Through Reality

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May 4, 2017
Before you pass judgement upon me for my age, please read this post in it's entirety. That's all I ask.

Hey there. So, I am 14. I'm 6'1 tall with facial hair. I play electric guitar, and I run a solo project called A Tear Through Reality. I record, mix, and release my music on YouTube, and I've been considering booking gigs lately. Here's my problem: People take me seriously until they find out my age. Often, this occurs before they've listened to any of my music, and most people automatically assume that I'm the kid who plugs his starter Squire into a Line 6 Spider and records into audacity with a Blue Snowball mic. This is not the case. Any ideas on how to get people to take me somewhat seriously? I'm not the average 14 year old. I practice every day, I have passable recording equipment, I've spent the past year and a half refining my craft, I'm extremely passionate about music, and I'm trying to turn this into a career.

As a side note, I'm curious as to whether any California record labels exist that would sign someone like me? It's not a priority at this point, but I'm curious.

Just in case anyone is curious about what I DO record with:
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Generation
DAW: FL Studio 12
Guitar: Schecter C-1 Platinum, EMG 81/85 pickups
Vocal Mic: SM-58

Guitar Tone VSTs/VST Chain
Emissary By Ignite Amps
Poulin Le Cab 2 with Mesa OS Rectifier impulses