groove metal

  1. Merre1990

    Italicus Carnifex - Thrash-Groove Metal Band

    Good morning everyone! As mentioned in my presentation, I am the drummer of a thrash-groove metal band. We are coming out with our second album (March 19th) and I created this topic to get feedback and constructive criticism to improve the composition of the next tracks! So without fear, come...
  2. Deathcore_mind

    I need help,i am new at covering songs at youtube

    Can you please watch,like,subscribe and share,to help me a bit Thank you in advance :D
  3. metaltrenches

    Lamb Of God: Bands That Changed My Life (Video)

  4. LtArWoLy

    Promoting my latest uploads for my unique metal project.

    Hey good people. Just wanted to promote my latest uploads and my project as a whole. Please guys feel free to like if you like them and sub for lots more content on the way. I already have two more uploads coming within the next week or so (depending) and much much more in the writing process...
  5. Raate

    Råte - Norwegian Groove Metal

    I'm the bassist in Råte, an Oslo-based groove metal band. We wanted to share out tunes with the community. Spotify YouTube Instagram Raatemusic
  6. Raate

    Greetings from Norwegian/Canadian metal band, Råte

    Hi Ultimate Metal, I've been a lurker on the forums once in a while, mostly looking at recording techniques and ideas. Finally decided to join up and start conversations. I'm the bassist in a Norwegian metal band, Råte (I'm the Canadian in the band), but I also act as one of our recording...
  7. V

    Vataka (Alternative Metal, Groove Metal)

    THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT The time for retribution is at hand! Behold the debut single from Alternative Metal act Vataka, Retribution (Hell's March)! Featuring the mighty Paul Elliott (ex/A Killer's Confession) on vocals! So join us, for tonight will be the fall...
  8. palant

    New release!!

    Hey guys, my groovemetal band just released a new single and would appreciate if you checked it out. Feel free to give feedback, both positive and negative! Cheers from Norway!
  9. God In Fear

    God In Fear - INFECTED

    God In Fear - INFECTED We are a thrash/groove/heavy metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. We just released our first single "INFECTED". Available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Apple Music! Our influences stem from bands such as Pantera, Machine Head, Lamb of God and Slipknot. Feel free to...
  10. H

    VOICE OF RUIN - "Purge And Purify" (Melodic/Groove Death Metal)

    The band just released this massive album last year! If you like DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, Kataklysm, Sylosis and The Black Dahlia Murder, you should find something for you in these 10 songs! Full album stream: Music videos: I Confess Snakes In My Head Blood...
  11. UNDUSTED - Method To Madness

    UNDUSTED - Method To Madness

  12. Mahdi_Sacrament

    Mix feedback and song critique

    Here's a mix I've done for my band. Need some feedback. If you have something to say about the songwriting or the arrangement that's also welcomed. Guitars are reamped through an ENGL Savage 120 > Mesa Rectifier 4X12> SM57+MD412 [on the solo the amp head is switched to a Randall V2] Bass is a...
  13. Voodant Alliance

    Voodant Alliance

    We are a newly founded band from Gothenburg, Sweden! Would highly appreciate any feedback u guys may have! (Hope you find it worthy of a slight headbang!)
  14. darkcloudsoverme

    The Extinction Of DJent. The New Wave of Metal That Is About To Begin.

  15. Siderian

    Siderian - UK groove/metalcore

    No trends. No compromise. Formed March 2015, Siderian smashed out an uncompromising groove-filled debut EP within three months of forming, followed by a unique music video for lead single Reduced Aisle in early 2016. The Austerity-bashing stand-alone single Noses in the Trough was released...
  16. V


    On 16.12.2016 was released "AZ-5 (feat. MoozE)" music video from Polish industrial groove/death metal band TORTURE OF HYPOCRISY. Videoclip is promoting the third album titled "RBMK-1000" based on the concept of Chernobyl Disaster. "AZ-5" was recorded in cooperation with MoozE - the composer of...
  17. TheMountainMan

    [FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD] Groove/Death metal band from Vancouver, Canada

    From now until January 1st, 2017 - our debut EP Bloodlust is available for download free!
  18. TheMountainMan

    [FREE DOWNLOAD) Groove/Death Metal band from Vancouver, Canada

    From today until January 1st, 2017 - our debut EP Bloodlust is available for download at the link below, for free!
  19. Dendrites

    Greetings from DENDRITES!

    Hey Everyone! Who We Are: We are Dendrites, a groove metal / rock 4-piece from Greece, and we are happy to be here at Ultimate Metal with you guys, so thanx for having us! What We Do: We have just released our debut self-titled album only a month ago with 10 original songs and it's available...
  20. cjrecords

    Brand New Project from ex Devilment (Featuring Dani Filth) founder DANIEL J FINCH

    The Devils Music The Brand New Project from ex Devilment (Featuring Dani Filth) founder DANIEL J FINCH. YouTube album Preview = Pre Order Bandcamp + CD = Pre-Order iTunes = £4 digital album, £6.66 Pre-Order CD Follow The Devils Music...