guitar solo

  1. n0tmanthrax

    Dan Spitz guitar solo 1986 Spreading The Disease Tour

    I've always felt like Dan is so underrated. I'm not a guitar player so I don't know how hard it is to play like him, but it sounds great as hell. At 2:10 He started messing around with the audience. From 3:27, Dan, Scott, and Frankie's synchronized headbang was fucking epic.
  2. Nivan Sharma

    Game Of Thrones Title Theme Goes Metal

  3. Nivan Sharma

    NFL Football Theme Metal Cover. I hope you guys enjoy :)

  4. Nivan Sharma

    my metal guitar arrangment of Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 I hope you enjoy it

  5. Nivan Sharma

    Metal Guitar Solo in A# Minor (any feedback would be appreciated)

  6. Nivan Sharma

    Styles Of Metal Solos Over The Same Riff

  7. Nivan Sharma

    Metal Guitar Solo in B minor (any feedback would be appreciated)

  8. Nivan Sharma

    symphony of destruction guitar solo 1% skill 99% editing
  9. M

    New Annihilist music video for 'Embers'

    Annihilist from Melbourne, Australia's new music video for 'Embers' off their EP 'Vol. 1'. "Official Music Video for 'Embers' from Annihilist's Debut EP, 'Vol. 1' 2015. Directed by Miki Simankevicius, Cinematography by Cameron Zayec. Full EP: Buy Now...
  10. The Bearman

    Iotunn - new single; The Wizard Falls (classic metal, thrash, NWOBHM, etc)

    Danish metal band out with new single. If you like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nevermore, Mastodon and all kinds of metal bands you might like this. This is the first single, 3 more to follow soon. Kind Regards Bjørn/drums Iotunn
  11. M

    George Lynch Paris is burning vs. Eruption

    Ok let me start off by saying I know alot of people in this forum are not hair metal fans lol. But believe it or not a few good metal players came from that era Pantera, Yngwie, and Paul Gilbert to name a few. Lynch was one of them imo im not a huge dokken fan but he tore it up on some of that...