1. Neff Audio Productions

    Hard Rock Practice

    Hi, guys So, I made this song over 5 years ago now. At the time of recording this, I was still working in a small room with no acoustic treatment, so I ask for forgiveness if the files are not up to snuff! I figured I'd share the multi-tracks for people to practice with. There's a .rtf file...
  2. StoneAngel

    Stone Angel - The Black Horch ( Thing Outside ) / New Song

    Stone Angel - ''The Black Horch'' was released today ! This is the second song from Stone Angel's debut album ''Thing Outside'' released online ! The album offers a vast musical diversity with 7 different vocalists, a fusion of various different musical styles blended with uncompromising metal...
  3. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Almost Halloween - check my newest cover!!

    Hello everyone! It's almost Halloween and I had the Grim Reaper visiting me. Look what he made me do in this new cover I just uploaded on my youtube channel. Hope you like it! Rock-on! Dirk.
  4. T

    Why Am I Alive

    Music Video about suicide