1. A

    Chief Whip - industrial doom

    Chief Whip is an industrial doom project from Melbourne, Australia, with members from Whitehorse and Ignivomous. We play industrial doom: bass heavy, atmospheric and sonically unique. We released our debut album "Aurora Apparatus" late last year, you can check it out here...
  2. - Venla -

    Experimental/industrial death and black metal.

    Heavy death/black metal with a strong industrial atmosphere, hope it is enjoyed if you choose to give it a listen. Everything was performed/written/mixed/mastered by me.
  3. metaltrenches

    Ranking NIN's Discography (Video)

  4. Xtort

    Kmfdm-Paradise review

    Honestly,I’m disappointed on the sound for the most part. I understand they are trying new sounds and have to keep it fresh but honestly I like the more guitar/electronic mix they had with WWW3,Stray Bullet,and Juke Joint Jezebel. Paradise is good song...Maybe the only good song on there.
  5. metaltrenches

    Skinny Puppy: Bands That Changed My Life

  6. Ragnarok973

    After Never (Skinless) EP, from Larvarum

    Larvarum is a "two-set-of-drums" experimental project from Perth, Australia, consolidated on 2013, with a lot of compositions, riffs and Industrial debris since 1996. After Never (Skinless) is a compilation of some tracks of the album After Never, only with background instruments (Analog drums...

    Hanibal Death Machine

    Born of an improbable copulation between Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie Hanibal DM distills an industrial metal tinted with goth, the capricious offspring to stand out from both parents will use the language of Molière !! HDM is a concert in France and two tours in Russia and Spain and the...
  8. polarmoonmedia

    Ashes of Purgatory New Album!!

    Ashes of Purgatory just released their second album Manic! Check these guys out! Purchase here: Facebook: Youtube:
  9. B

    DISCONNECT. The Sum Of Our Parts.

    Industrial, DOOM, Punk, Black metal from Northern Ireland. Full album here :- For more info :-
  10. skilljam

    Chasing the Sun (feat. dreaminginnoother)

    Hey all! New song in collab with dreaminginnoother on vocals, check it! Thanks for any share if you like our song :)
  11. Child of Dust


    Greetings to all. I'm "Child of Dust." I'm a rather young metalhead, at the age of 17. I first got into metal with Tool, after I heard their song "Sober", when I was 12 years old. Years later, here I am as a fan of Industrial Metal, with my favorite industrial metal band; Circle of Dust. (Which...
  12. metaltrenches

    3TEETH Review (and more)

    If you dig industrial metal heavy on the industrial side, this is the band for you:
  13. Metalhead O' Bacon

    Your Favourite Fear Factory Albums

    As the title suggests...