1. Gnorkh

    Murryglossus - Earthcore (Prog Metal from Berlin)

    Hi folks, the debut "Earthcore" of Berlin-based MURRAYGLOSSUS has just been released. As a musician, audio engineer and longtime metal listener who has absorbed a variety of subgenres over the past decades, I've wondered why there is so little instrumental heavy music that doesn't try to...
  2. J

    Jordan Henderson - Full Circle EP

    Hi, my name is Jordan Henderson and this is my EP Full Circle! Check it out. All of the guitars, bass, synths, and drums are written and sampled by me. The drums are real. Hope you all enjoy. Bandcamp link -https://jordanhenderson.bandcamp.com/album/full-circle SoundCloud link...
  3. J

    Jazz Metal

    I have recently been finding a few metalish bands with a free jazz feel. I am not talking about using saxophones or brass, i HATE that, but more how the drums are tuned and played more like jazz and not metal, the time signatures, the texture, maybe some weird instruments or keyboard. I like...