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May 13, 2009
Hi folks,

the debut "Earthcore" of Berlin-based MURRAYGLOSSUS has just been released.

As a musician, audio engineer and longtime metal listener who has absorbed a variety of subgenres over the past decades, I've wondered why there is so little instrumental heavy music that doesn't try to impress with virtuosity but simply delights with grooves that encourage nodding along, with fat riffs and intriguing harmonies.

So in times marked by war and lunatic autocrats (Berlin is alarmingly close to Russia), an ongoing pandemic and imminent climate catastrophes, I have used the time we still have to pour my rattled thoughts into music - or make music to distract from them, depending on the mood. I teamed up with NYC-based prog drummer James Knoerl (Gargoyl, Aviations) to record "Earthcore", trying to realize my above ideas of heavy instrumental music. No vocals, because they always put a genre stamp on the music. Apart from that, I placed special emphasis on a punchy but natural, organic-sounding production.

Here's a preview of the track "Elasmotherium" :

And this is the Bandcamp album link:

It's also available on common streaming platforms.

I hope some of you will enjoy it :)