prog metal

  1. Gnorkh

    Murryglossus - Earthcore (Prog Metal from Berlin)

    Hi folks, the debut "Earthcore" of Berlin-based MURRAYGLOSSUS has just been released. As a musician, audio engineer and longtime metal listener who has absorbed a variety of subgenres over the past decades, I've wondered why there is so little instrumental heavy music that doesn't try to...
  2. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall))

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" Bandcamp: Hope you all like it ❤
  3. Smiechu

    The Everlasting Frontier - Imagination's Stream [Symphonic Prog Metal]

    Hi, It’s finally here!!! The one track that started this madness! Originally composed and released by...
  4. dwnwlkr

    Dawnwalker - Ages LP (Post / Prog Metal)

    Hi UMers, We're from London, England and play a mix of modern metal with folk and prog influences. Our new LP Ages is out now, and is mostly comprised of longform suites of post-metal that shift and turn through different moods - from ballads to riffage to black metal. We never...
  5. Minstrelblud

    Minstrelblud (Piano power/prog)

    Minstrelblud is a contemporary classical, progressive-power metal band from Florida, USA, characterized by the use of piano as the driving force of their music. Minstrelblud’s earliest iteration was as a keyboard & drums garage-band duo, by metal enthusiast brothers, George Kouri...
  6. FuSoYa

    Kayo Dot Tour Dates- feb/mar 2020

    Fri 02/28/20 Binghamton, NY @ Galaxy Brewing Company Sat 02/29/20 Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary Sun 03/01/20 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups (early show at 6:30) Mon 03/02/20 Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing Wed 03/04/20 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (Also with Blktxxth) Thu 03/05/20 Madison, WI @...
  7. S

    Stigandr | Kawaii Busters - :Scopenhagen) (Hardcore/Heavy)

    Two Oregonian DIY behemoths join forces to construct a dystopian visage of your tomorrow. Packed to the brim with slams, jams and existential dread, :SCOPENHAGEN) is the bullet to the brain you need to release you from this hell dimension. Name your price
  8. R

    ProgPower XX, Days 3 & 4 Tickets For Sale

    Im not going to be able to make it to ProgPower XX this year so I'm looking to sell my tickets to Days 3 & 4 which are completely sold out. September 6 &7, Atlanta GA. Asking for face value, $210 for both days. Thanks! Email is
  9. Kurnik

    Material Time - Progressive Metal Band

    Progressive Metal Band from Russia, Kovrov
  10. JojoLaVerdure

    Thödol (French Progressive Metal Band | Camel&Ghost Mix)

    Greetings! We are a new progressive metal band and we've just released our debut album. We are an attempt at blending the sound of 70's prog rock bands such as Camel with more modern acts like Ghost and Opeth. Let us know if we made it or failed . We crave for feedback! Thanks
  11. ChrisBillingham

    LOST IN THOUGHT - New album!!!!

    Lost In Thought hare announced that they intend to release their second album 'Renascence' through a special pledge campaign that is offering a limited run of CD's, shirts and other goodies. Please see the Facebook post below: We would like to welcome you all to our PledgeMusic Campaign for...
  12. Christopher Beattie

    Progressive Metal FFO: BTBAM, Meshuggah, The Contortionist

    What's up guys, I'm pretty new here so I thought I'd share some of my stuff, it would mean a lot if you checked it out!
  13. skeleton-eyes

    Troll Mother - Forest Child - Metal Audio Book

    Blah blah blah my band yaddah yaddah yaddah Go listen blah blah Go buy blah
  14. C

    Expatriated releases full length debut

    Hi! My band Expatriated has just released its full length debut “The Last Trace of the Imprudent”. It’s a progressive band of a sort. It’s a mix between technical, groovy and atmospheric passages with both harsh and clean vocals. Give it a spin: Listen to the full album on your favorite...
  15. Acid-Fury


    This is a video from the recording sessions of our forthcoming album. ♦ Recording members: Aggelos Karatzas - Drums Stamatis Zografos - Rhythm and Classical Guitars Petros Peridis - Lead Guitars Vasilis Christodoulou - Bass/Lead and Back Vocals ► Drums recorded between 1st and 8th of April...
  16. Pete Morten

    Pete Morten (Ex Threshold) - MY SOLILOQUY - New Music/Lyric Video

    For those interested, my name is Pete Morten. I used to be in veteran UK Prog band , Threshold, but left in 2017, after 10 years of service, to focus my efforts on my own band, My Soliloquy. To that end, I'd like to present two songs, both of which are singles taken from my bands brand new...
  17. jakeschemin

    Nekoma Complex "11:57" Guitar Playthrough mixed by Jason Suecof

    What's up everyone? Started a new band recently and got our first tracks mixed by Jason Suecof (Carnifex, Trivium, August Burns Red). We are Nekoma Complex, and here is our debut single "11:57" would love to hear your feedback and constructive criticisms \m/ Guitar tabs and jam tracks...
  18. 6 Degrees

    Matt Guillory Debuts "Wake Up Call" Tonight, John Macaluso, Alex Skolnick Podcasts Up

    Join me tonight for an in depth interview with Matt Guillory (Dali's Dilemma, Zero Hour, James Labrie). 9pm EST Podcasts from past shows can be found here;
  19. Pete Morten


    Dear friends Pete Morten here of My Soliloquy (Ex Threshold) CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY COMPETITION - JUST TWO DAYS TO GO There's still time to enter our big Christmas Give-Away Competition. If you haven't yet entered, you can still do so. All you have to do is "like" either our Facebook/Twitter...
  20. Pete Morten


    Dear friends Pete Morten here of My Soliloquy (Ex Threshold) CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY COMPETITION - JUST TWO DAYS TO GO There's still time to enter our big Christmas Give-Away Competition. If you haven't yet entered, you can still do so. All you have to do is "like" either our Facebook/Twitter...