Minstrelblud (Piano power/prog)


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Mar 26, 2020

Minstrelblud is a contemporary classical, progressive-power metal band from Florida, USA, characterized by the use of piano as the driving force of their music.

Minstrelblud’s earliest iteration was as a keyboard & drums garage-band duo, by metal enthusiast brothers, George Kouri (keyboards/songwriting) and Caleb Kouri (drums/guitar/vocals). Together they recorded an early version of “God, Damned…”, which would later be featured on Minstrelblud’s first album, but otherwise never released any material or preformed any gigs. After nearly a decade of inactivity, Minstrelblud was resurrected by George, at the encouragement of close friend and now band manager, Christine Agnone. In December of 2019, Minstrelblud made its first official release, Fingered, a piano only version of an upcoming Minstrelblud album.

Minstrelblud is currently working on two albums, Minister, a concept album and Minstrelblud’s true debut featuring the fully realized songs from the Fingered album, and Heartblud, an eclectic mix of modern piano metal, both with 2020 releases planned.

This song, Your Diversion, is from the upcoming Heartblud album.


George Kouri – Piano/Keyboards/Songwriting (Current)

Caleb Kouri – drums/guitar/vocals (Past/Future)

Christine Agnone –Vocals (Future)
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