1. Loneravn


    we present to your attention a unique and perhaps the most grandiose collection in the history of heavy music! all forms and alloys of doom, stoner, sludge, heavy psychedelic in one collection! about 500 great bands from almost all over the world! I'm sure you'll find something new and original...
  2. Gnorkh

    Murryglossus - Earthcore (Prog Metal from Berlin)

    Hi folks, the debut "Earthcore" of Berlin-based MURRAYGLOSSUS has just been released. As a musician, audio engineer and longtime metal listener who has absorbed a variety of subgenres over the past decades, I've wondered why there is so little instrumental heavy music that doesn't try to...
  3. AndyMornar

    Altar of the Witch (Stoner/Doom) - 'Evil Sorceress' (Single 2020) Online!

    Altar of the Witch is a Stoner/Doom/Heavy project with '70s influences such as Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, etc. The lyric video of 'Evil Sorceress' is available for free on this link:
  4. CiG

    Miserably Ever After: The Official Sludge Thread

    It's been noted before that we have several sludge metal threads but they always go inactive, so I'm putting this up and a concerted effort will be made to keep it active I guess. Post any kind of sludge discussion, news, links, collection photos, newly purchased lists and anything else...
  5. S

    Third Island - Omelas (Post-Metal, Doom, Sludge)

    Third Island has just released their album Omelas on CD and downloads. "Omelas" is the first full length album, and third release, by Irish Post-Metal band Third Island. This album's concept follows the story of "The Ones Who Walk Away From The Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin. The story...
  6. MissChina

    Hookerfukka (NL) - Progressive Metal / Psychedlic

    Hi music-loving guys out there ^O^! I am MissChina (bassist of Hookerフッカー) and I would like to draw your attention to our band since we are on fire to rock the stages around the world with you ^o^! We have just released our first EP ("音の暴力 's o u n d v i o l e n c e") and 2 MV's up to now ^-^...
  7. timmehfz3

    Moth Face

    Heavy, melodic stuff from Alabama.
  8. pmspmartins

    Mystical Deep

    "Mystical Deep" is an instrumental doom metal project. Our goal is to express through music some feelings what words can not explain ... We are from Portugal and we ask for your support . Please follow us on facebook page and watch our videos if you are interested in this musical style. We share...
  9. Yorgie


    From Minneapolis...
  10. The Nebulosity

    The Nebulosity - "c" Album

    The Nebulosity have just recently released their first album called "c" and it's a prog/doom/phycadelic disk. We have a facebook page also. The album clocks in at about 45 mins and it represents our passion for music. I would like to share this with you incase you are in the mood to listen to...