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Jan 31, 2018
Hi music-loving guys out there ^O^!

I am MissChina (bassist of Hookerフッカー) and I would like to draw your attention to our band since we are on fire to rock the stages around the world with you ^o^!

We have just released our first EP ("音の暴力 's o u n d v i o l e n c e") and 2 MV's up to now ^-^! (Everything is homerecorded and selfmade with a lot of sweat and love by us.)

I would really appreciate to get some feedback from you guys ~^___^~!

Thank ya all for reading ^.~!

Lot's of LOVE & PEACE!

MissChina ^o^


Hookerフッカー is the experial test dummy of tomorrow. Super, super fast, hyper space level_Hard muisc. Doc Brown Time Mashine Sh*t."


"Bandcamp": https://hookerfukka.bandcamp.com/releases
"Youtube": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_PjyM4804VRXNeKzQp24w
"Facebook": https://www.facebook.com/Hookerfukka/
"Instagram": https://www.instagram.com/misschina_hookerfukka/